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by | Sep 5, 2010

Journal of Marcus Ty

Gold Journal

Welcome to the WoW Gold Blog of Marcus Ty which chronicles my adventures in the World of Warcraft and my trials at making gold.

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for over 10 years now and in that time I’ve watched players struggle to make reasonable amounts of gold and lose interest in the game as a result. It’s not that making wow gold is hard, it’s just that many new players never learn the basics of the wow gold economy and thus miss out on many gold making opportunities that exist within the game.

Now let me add straight away that while I make many hundreds of thousands of gold as part of my normal game-play, I never sell gold; nor do I advocate others buying gold. The buying and selling of gold outside of the Warcraft universe distorts the wow gold economy and makes it harder for the rest of us to earn a bob or two throughout the land of Azeroth and beyond.

So, Friend, the aim of this blog and all my writings on the wow gold economy is to help you get to your first Million gold in the World of Warcraft so that you can be free of the gold buyers out there and eventually buy the gear and mounts you have always dreamed of.

Now, you may think that getting to a Million gold is an impossible dream – but it’s not. I’ve tweeted and interviewed many a wow gold millionaire and know that by using the right techniques and a little know how, anyone can get gold-capped in the Warcraft universe.

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Here’s wishing you more gold in ya bags!
Marcus Ty

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