Warlords of Draenor Beta – Auction House Changes

I’m continuing my journey into the depths of the Warlords Alpha which has now morphed into the Beta – at least that is what my application client tells me. While in the Alpha phase of the development I was able to create a Horde Shaman and explored the initial phase of garrison building. But a passing comment in a blue post today stopped me in my tracks:

Warlords Beta Blue Post
Warlords Beta Blue Post

If this is true, then the merging of faction Auction Houses will have a large impact on the wow economy. Traditionally, each faction’s Auction House trade independent of each other, creating, in effect, two separate economies on the same server.

Now, for those new to the wow gold economy you may be thinking to yourself: so what? But as Auction House goblins know all too well the size an Auction House matters and in-balances between populations of factions on the same server can greatly skew the pricing across a whole range mats and items that are commonly traded.

Remembering that the current Warlords development is only just out of the alpha phase, I decided to log in and conduct a little test for myself to see if in fact the Auction Houses were indeed ‘unified’.

So, I created a Horde character called Maakin and placed him in Orgrimmar. I had already created a human Mage – Zan – and placed him in Stormwind. I then placed a simple mat (small glimmering shard) on the Horde Auction House and attached a silly price of 11,000g to it:

Warlords Horde Auction House
Warlords Horde Auction House

I then logged off and logged on to my Alliance character and searched for my character’s Maakin’s trade:

Warlords Alliance Auction House
Warlords Alliance Auction House

An sure enough it was there on the Alliance Auction House!

But, what of the neutral Auction Houses run by those irascible goblins? I headed down to Booty Bay and checked it out:

Warlords of Draenor Beta
Warlords Neutral Auction House

Yep, there is was. So, the Blue Post would seem to hold true. All auction Houses have been merged!

For many new players, this won’t be a big deal. For those that have been playing the Auction House for a little while and have accumulated pricing data in an addon,  they may see large swings in prices when the expansion breaks until the various markets stabilise.  Of course, the biggest shock will be to those Horde players used to trading in small population Auction Houses. For those that have mastered the art of trading, this initial surge in activity will seem like a ripple upon the sea of the wow gold economy; for others, it will seem like a tsunami.

Marcus Ty


WoW Auction House Guide
The Marcus Ty Auction House Gold Secrets Guide

Making Gold when Competing in Tough Markets

Play the Auction House for long enough and eventually you’ll feel the heat of competition. For new players this can be disheartening, if not a little frustrating as competitors ramp up the pressure in an attempt to drive them from their chosen markets. But don’t panic. Wrap a wet towel around your head and take a deep breath. In the article Dealing With Competition on the Auction House I’ll explain some of the Auction House Secrets to surviving competition on your server and help you keep your shirt while those around you lose theirs.



Five Auction House Trading Mistakes

Auction House SecretsWhether you’re new to the Auction House or have been trading for a while, players often make these same five trading mistakes. Cure these mistakes and you’ll be trading like a goblin pro.

Forgetting to Trade

A common mistake for those players new to WoW is to forget to trade. The Auction House is your friend and trading a little every playing session helps to keep the WoW gold flowing in. Those herbs sitting in your bags or in the bank are worthless unless you list them. Think of the Auction House as a ‘Daily’ and make it part of your regular game-play. For those tied to their desks during the day then the Remote Auction House is now free and will allow you to re-list expired auctions and trade a little during breaks around the water cooler.

Death by a Thousand Undercuts

Players lose gold by constantly undercutting each other on the Auction House when they don’t have to. Take the example below:

Don't Undercut
Death By a Thousand Undercuts

Player 1 lists Potion of Luck for around 97g. Player 2 comes along and undercuts player 1 by a massive 12g gold. Time passes and player 3 comes along and undercuts player by another 1g. Whats wrong with this picture?

Well, Player 2 may have thought that only a massive cut in price will shift his Potion of Luck. This may be a valid strategy on low population servers where there isn’t demand, but why undercut by so much? Player 3 has simply followed suit and blindly undercut by another gold – probably because his Auction Addon is set up that way. Given that Player 2 auctions are expiring, it would have been better to list closer to the price of player 1.  Player 3 could even have listed above the price of Player 1 if there were few listings of Potion of Luck on the server and demand remained high.

Not Listing At The Right Price

Players often sell their items at prices determined by previous listings, as in the example above. Hence, Player 3 lists his Potion of Luck for 84g. This may be a poor strategy as the value of 84g may well be far from the market price, that is, the price most frequently traded. It’s the price that most players expect to pay, given the cost of reagents to craft the item plus a small premium. Most Auction House Addons will work this out for you, but many players configure these incorrectly or don’t maintain the pricing data leading to widely varying prices. Keep auction data refreshed and set a price limit, below which you won’t sell – at least until the market improves.

Poor Timing

Trading is a bit like golf (or baseball if the cap fits): timing is everything. Get this wrong and however hard you come out swinging, you’ll miss the ball. Trading, to some extent, also relies on good market timing. That is, to trade successfully it’s best to sell your items on those days when demand peeks. This is normally at the weekend or on certain days of the week depending on your server. World events such as the Darkmoon Faire will also influence demand for certain items. If you really want to get into some detail and follow the market demand closely then check out these sites:

Underestimating Demand

Players often sell items that have little demand and end up spending a fortune in auction fees, listing the same items over and over without success. To trade successfully you must sell those items that are in demand and have a good turnover. In general these tend to items needed for crafting. These fall under the general Auction House category of Trade Goods. Sure, you’ll want to craft the occasional Epic Chopper, but demand for these will be low compared with say a bar of Trillium. Again, check out sites like WoWuction.com and look at the reports listing those items rising in demand on your server.

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WoW Auction House Guide
The Marcus Ty Auction House Gold Secrets Guide








The Remote Auction House – Tips and Ticks

This weeks post is part of Cold’s Gold Blogging Carnival on the Remote Auction House.

I was in a meeting recently, giving a presentation to a few Execs, some of whom were using their iPads. Halfway through the meeting I heard the familiar chime of the Remote Auction House. I paused and looked at the guy as if to say: ‘that was so not your email, dude!’

You can’t game a gamer, but I knew where he was coming from. Once you install the Remote Auction House (RAH) there’s no going back. I have my own copy loaded onto my iPad, making it very easy to check my Auction House postings or to relist a few items.

But it’s best to do this on a break, and not in one of my presentations!

I’ve been using the RAH for about a year now. I had used it to view my auctions previously, but had not subscribed to the full service – which at the time cost a few bucks a month – so could not post or collect my gold. Then one of my Twitter buddies put it into perspective for me. Dude, it costs you less than a latte a month! I’m sure that now Blizzard has removed the monthly fee, the service will really take off.

It’s Really Called the Mobile Armory

Now, while I use the RAH on my iPad it will run on a number of mobile platforms including iPhone, iTouch and Android systems. Blizzard calls it the Mobile Armory because it supports Guild Chat, Character Profiles in addition to the full spectrum of Auction House services.

Use The Mobile Authenticator

Here’s my first tip: use an authenticator to secure your Battlenet account. If you are not sure how this works, check out my post on Protecting Your World of Warcraft Account. You can now download The Battlenet Mobile Authenticator for free for all IOS devices, greatly increasing the security of your account. If the mobile authenticator is on the same device as the RAH, the RAH will fire it up and automatically grab the one-time-passcode making the whole process seamless.

One-Click Gold Collection

Being able to grab your gold on the go is both good and bad. When listing your Sold Auctions, you are presented with a big red Claim Gold button at the top of the screen. This nicely recovers your gold and removes those items from your mailbox. If however you track your gold using one of the many addons in-game, such as Auditor or TSM, then this gold amount is never tracked, skewing your statistics. If you are interested in keeping tabs on your daily gold making, then make sure you logon in-game to recover your gold.

Undercut on the Go

Using the RAH makes it a snip to undercut your competitors on the go. I recently had a competitor in the mechanical pet market who always undercut my Tranquil Mechanical Yeti postings. I would post in the evening and sure enough the following morning I’d been undercut. However, I noticed that my competitor only posted between 8.00am and 9.00am and between 9pm and midnight. Obviously a 9 to 5 worker. I simply fired up the RAH on the train and relisted my auctions knowing that I had most of the day to obtain a sales. Silly, I know but that’s gold making for you.

Bags, Mailbox and Bank Slots

It’s best to keep your mailbox empty so that you can display all sold auctions. The good news is that the RAH lets you view all of your items in bags, mailbox and bank slots – no running back and forth – but relisting from you mailbox first will ensure you maintain visibility on most of your trades.

Snap Up Bargains

The RAH has a powerful search feature which remembers past searches making it easy to gradually build a shopping list on the go to snap up bargains. Simply press the magnifying glass icon and enter a search term. The item is then displayed and can be bought out or bid on.

There is a Limit to Fun

Unfortunately, Blizzard has imposed a limit to the number of transactions that can be made using the RAH. Currently this is set at 200. You may think that you’ll never exceed this, but you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can reach this limit. It’s best to pace yourself throughout the day.

In Summary

  • Compatible with the full range of IOS and Android devices. Also browser based.
  • Best used in conjunction with a Mobile Authenticator on the same device
  • Claiming your gold may affect in-game statistical addons, skewing your data
  • Use it to undercut your competitors on the go.
  • Relist items from your mailbox first and keep your mailbox in-game empty
  • Build a snatch list using the mobile search feature.
  • Don’t forget the 200 transaction limit
  • Finally, turn off the sound when in meeting!

Marcus Ty
More Gold In Ya Bags!

WoW Auction House Guide
The Marcus Ty Auction House Gold Secrets Guide

WoW Auction House Secrets – Trade Frequently

Auction House SecretsIf I had to name one of my top five gold secrets it would be: ‘Trade a little every day – or at least every playing session’. For most new players struggling to make wow gold, a reluctance to trade – even a little – is often the reason for their poor gold wealth in World of Warcraft.

If you are new to World of Warcraft then you must seek out the Auction House and learn to trade. The best way to do this is to use the Auction House every playing session. You’ll be surprised at what sells and how quickly.

But there are many distractions, both in the real world and in Warcraft. Time is the enemy.

And as the goblin say: ‘Time is money, Friend’.

In the real world it’s work, work, work. Many players scrape by on an hour of Warcraft here and there or maybe a little longer at the weekend. Then it’s off to the raid or a dungeon before bedtime, or simply hanging out in the Pig & Whistle with your mates.

Now I’m not saying that all of a players time should be spent in the Auction House; just the first fifteen minutes or so at the start of the playing session or at the end. Enough time to list some gear and to trade a little in preparation for the next session. Develop a routine of buying and selling.

Now, I may not trade every day, but I do have an established routine of buying and selling on the Auction House every playing session:

  1. Empty my mailbox – typically around 5-10k gold and expired auctions.
  2. Visit the Auction House and perform a scan of all goods to update pricing
  3. Cancel certain items that have been undercut and re-list them
  4. Snatch undervalued items and re-list them
  5. List items traded or crafted from previous sessions or stored in the bank

Your aim with your daily routine is to keep a supply of gold coming in to your mailbox, enough for your playing needs and for the occasional beer at Brewfest.


Marcus Ty

WoW Auction House
The Marcus Ty Auction House Gold Guide