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Making Gold With Alchemy In Warlords

As we start the run-up to Legion, many players are looking to top-up their gold stash to enable them to get off to a good start when the new game is released in September or to buy themselves more game time with the purchase of a WoW Token. Over the many years of...

Nat Pagle Fishing Legend

If you’re serious about fishing in World of Warcraft, then eventually you’ll come across the NPC Nat Pagle. Walk into any bar in Stormwind with a fishing pole and in your hand and you’ll hear fellow anglers murmur his name. Truly, Nat Pagle is a...

Fishing for Gold with Ben of the Booming Voice

I’ve always said that there’s gold to be made in the secondary profession of Fishing. Love it or hate it, all players should add it to their list of gold making strategies – especially if trying to level Cooking. If you follow this blog you’ll...

Making Gold with Sky Golum Mount

It’s no secret that, when it comes to the professions, I’m an avid Engineer. There’s so many cool items to craft these days and with patch 5.4 well underway I’ve been looking forward to crafting the new Sky Golem Mount. It’s a Mount Jim...

Dude, Where’s My Noodle Cart!

I was hanging out with my co-host @NevAHaddict in the Pig & Whistle this weekend, chatting about the secondary professions on the JMT Podcast when I happen to mention that I couldn’t find the quest for the new Noodle Cart on the Timeless Isle: !Noodle...

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The Lost Journal Pages

Your quest, Friend, is to find the lost pages of my Journal. Each page reveals a gold making secret that could make you gold beyond the dreams of Goblin traders. Find all six of my lost pages to to complete this quest. Hurry Friend! Enter your name and email below to begin your quest.