Farming Savage Blood – The Easy Way!

Having finally upgraded my garrison Barn to a level 3 building, I’m now able to farm for Savage Blood, which as we know sells for big bucks on the Auction House. The only down side, is that it requires the trapping of elite beasts (Deadly Iron Trap) like the Iron Hide Bulls in Nagrand and these can be quite hard to solo for a whimsy Mage!

My solution was to think like an Engineer and come up with a novel solution:



Warlords of Draenor Gold Making – Selling Flesh

From my last post you will know that I had some success with my Warlords of Draenor gold making by selling the Jawless Skulker. In this post I extend the idea to selling the flesh of common Draenor fish and explain the tools I use to automate the process in WoD.

The Seller of Fish Flesh

I had the idea that selling the flesh of the new fish in Draenor might make me a good profit.Warlord of Draenor Gold Making Idea

Researching the Auction House

Having a gold making idea is great, but it helps to do a little research using some of the online databases such as wowhead  and theunderminejournal. I create a list of item ids of all the common Draenor fish flesh, together with some basic pricing.

Warlords of Draenor gold making research

Draenor Fish Flesh

Automating with TSM

To make gold efficiently, I’m not going to try and catch the fish in Draenor, but rather ‘farm’ the Auction house for the flesh! I’m going to setup a ‘shopping’ operation in TSM to scan the auction house for under-priced flesh and resell it for a greater margin of profit. How much profit you make will depend on your server economy. I also create a TSM Auction operation to post my bargain flesh. Here is the outline of the process:

Warlord of Draenor gold making with TSM

  • I import my list of item ids and create a Flesh Group in TSM
  • I create an Auction operation for the group
  • I create a Shopping operation for the group

Farming the Auction House

Automating the whole process with TSM allows me to quickly farm the auction house for cheap flesh (35-45% below market) and post at or above market price (105-200%) for a good profit.

Auction House WoD

You will need to adjust your TMS operations to allow for the variations on your server. It’s important to note that you should try to sell your flesh in suitable stacks and on the right day of the week. I’ve found stacks sizes of 3 and 10 to work best on my server and selling on a Thursday results in more profit.

Have fun.


WoW Auction House Guide
The Marcus Ty Auction House Gold Secrets Guide

Making Gold in Draenor – Selling the Jawless Skulker

Journal of Marcus Ty Warlords Edition
Journal of Marcus Ty
Warlords Edition


If you follow me on Twitter (@MarcusTy) or my Facebook page, you’ll know that I’m now several weeks into my gold making in the new Warlords of Draenor expansion.  Having reached level 96 at a leisurely pace, my garrison has risen to level 2 and I’ve an assortment of garrison buildings that are turning me a nice profit. On my way to level 92, I  gained access to a garrison fishing shack and its here that I found there’s a profit to be made from one of the garrison quests.

For those of you who love to hang out around shady pools, then there’s a ton of gold to be made from fishing in Draenor. As in previous expansions, players need fish for cooking, alchemy and various quests. In Draenor, you also have the additional chore of having to ‘clean and gut’ your fish to obtain its flesh.

Now, one of the  daily quests that you can perform upon building a fishing shack in your garrison is ‘Jawless Skulker’ which requires 10 Jawless Skulker eggs to replenish the garrison pond. This fish is plentiful in the pools of Gorgrond. Depending on your fishing skill, and whether you have attached ‘Jawless Skulker Bait’, you’ll catch either small, regular or enormous types of these fish all over Gorgrond. In fact if you have the right bait, you’ll fish them up from your garrison pond!

Cleaning and gutting the fish in these numbers will yield both flesh and eggs:

20 x small Jawless Skulker
10 x Jawless Skulker
5   x Enormous Jawless Skulker

Now, if you are a fanatical fisherman, or simply like to watch your bobber – well, bob! Then head over to Gorgrond and start fishing. For us gold makers, head over to the Auction House instead and buy up cheap (below market price) stacks of Enormous Jawless Skulker. Gut and clean in stacks of 5 to obtain approx. 17 eggs(1 x 5 stack is normally not enough). You’ll also get an amount of Jawless Skulker flesh. You can now hand in your 10 eggs to complete the fishing daily. No fishing required!

Note: You’ll only get the eggs if you have obtained the quest!

If , like me, you’re thinking there’s a profit to be made in this, you’re right! I’ve been buying up cheap (below market price) enormous varieties of Draenor fish and selling them in stacks of 5 for above market price for a good profit (there are 6 daily quests of a similar type, each requiring 10 eggs). I’ve also been selling the flesh in stacks of 5 or 10 and any remaining eggs from the quests.

Jawless Skulker Flesh
Jawless Skulker Flesh

On my server the enormous variety of fish are the most profitable, compared with their smaller variety.

There’s a ton of gold to be made in the Warlords of Draenor expansion. Follow me on twitter or visit my Facebook page for more hints and tips. I’ll soon be releasing a brand new Draenor edition of my gold making guide with a free update for those players who have bought my previous editions. So watch this space.

Marcus Ty


Warlords Garrison Features and Gold Making

Draenor-MapThe Warlords of Draenor expansion will soon be upon us and with just a few weeks to go before the Dark Portal opens I thought I would provide you with some gold making hints and tips to get you started on your path of exploration and mayhem in the new world that Blizzard has so artfully created. In this post I’ll explain some of the implications to the recent unification of the auction house and provide you with tips on building your first garrison.

But it’s easy to get caught up with the specifics of a new expansion and forget the basics of gold making in general. Having played all of the Warcraft expansions over the years I can reassure you that the basic principles of making gold hasn’t changed with Warlords. This is because the fundamentals of the Warcraft economy remains intact. So, if you’re just starting out in Warcraft and want to make gold fast, then make sure you first understand the basics of auction house trading. A good place to start is to read my post:

The 5 Goblin Principles of Auction House Trading.

As of the date of this post, we are already in the pre-patch release of 6.03. Many of the changes we will see in the new expansion have now been implemented, and this includes the unification of the Auction House.

Prior to the pre-patch 6.02 the auction house was split in faction-specific areas – each faction isolated from the other. In effect each faction on the same server was its own gold economy. As of patch 6.02, this barrier has been removed and a unified auction house now exits allowing both Horde and Alliance players to freely trade with each other.

What this means for players is:

  • A bigger market to buy and sell items
  • Greater competition for sellers as a result of participating in a bigger market
  • Faction-specific pricing that many auction house addons accumulate is no longer valid.

I’ve written about these topics in great depth in my guides and on this blog so won’t elaborate further, but let me just say that as with any major change to the auction house or the release of a major patch or expansion you’ll need to clear down the scan data from addons like Auctioneer or adjust your pricing operations in Trade Skill Master (TSM).

To help with the increased competition you might also like to read:

Dealing with Competition on the Auction House

With your addon housekeeping out of the way it’s time to plan your gold making strategy for when you enter Draenor. The central gameplay in Warlords is all about the garrison. Garrison leveling and strategy will be key to making gold in this new expansion. Those players who can level their garrison the quickest will be able to access the new gear and material of Draenor sooner and make a killing on the Auctionhouse before the rest of the market wakes up.

So my my first tip is to start the garrison building scenario as soon as possible. If the final release of the expansion follows the beta, then this will be one of the first quests upon entering the new zones of Frostfire Ridge (Horde) and Shadowmoon Valley (Alliance).

You might want to watch a short video of my garrison building in the beta:

Warlords of Draenor Garrison Building

Garrisons start at Tier 1 and progress to Tier 3. A tier one garrison is provided with a few basic building plots:

  • 1 x small plot
  • 1 x large plot

In this post I’ll be focusing on the gold making potential of the small, profession-based structures.

With a small plot you have the option to build one of the following small structures:

  • Alchemy Lab
  • Enchanter’s Study
  • Engineering Works
  • Gem Boutique
  • Scribe’s Quarters
  • Tailoring Emporium
  • The Forge
  • The Tannery
  • Salvage Yard
  • Storehouse

To build any structure on a plot you’ll need:

  1. Garrison resource
  2. Architects plans for that structure

You initially  obtain garrison resource by questing. As you level your garrison and obtain other structures, such as a Trading Post, you’ll be able to trade gathered mats for resource units. But for now, your aim to to pick up as many of the initial garrison quests as time allows, rewarding you with garrison resource.

Your next objective is to find a set of architects plans to build your small structure. Again, plans are acquired as quest rewards. If you have a set of chosen professions upon entering Draenor, you’ll likely as not be led down a quest chain to acquire plans for that profession. Example, I started with Alchemy in the beta and always found plans for an Alchemy Lab! So, in summary quest, quest quest until you have both resources and plans for the structures you need.

You might like to watch the short video on the making of a small Alchemy Lab in the beta

Warlords of Draenor Beta – Alchemy Lab

As you can tell from the list above, there is a structure to compliment each of the professions. I’ll ignore the Salvage Yard and Storehouse structures for now and talk about the general features of garrison small structures.

In general small garrison structures have the following features:

  1. At level 1 each structure can produce a total of 7 Work Orders (WO).
  2. Each WO produces 1 unit of Draenor crafting material (BoP), specific for that profession.
  3. Each WO takes 4hrs to complete.
  4. Each WO has a chance of yielding Sorcerous Fire and Sorcerous Water
  5. If one of your primary crafting possessions compliments the profession of the small structure, the NPC will sell you the full range of Draenor recipes for that profession.
  6. If you have no matching primary crafting profession, the NPC will be able to craft a limit number of Draenor recipes and patterns on your behalf.

With these facts in mind, what type of small structure should you choose for this initial tier of garrison? Well, you have two options: choose a structure that compliments your primary crafting profession; or choose a structure that provides access to an additional crafting profession?

As a gold maker, the choice came down to the former – choose a structure that compliments my primary crafting profession. But why? Well it all comes down to the number of daily cool downs you can access and the speed to market for some of the higher level ( and therefore more sought after) patterns and recipes.

Let me take Alchemy as an example. During questing in Draenor you will quickly  obtain A Treatise on the Alchemy of Draenor together with Garrison Blueprint – Alchemy Lab, level 1. The Treatise will raise you to Draenor Master Alchemist and allow you to craft all of the lesser recipes up to skill 700. You should note that you can only buy the more advanced Draenor recipes and patterns from the garrison NPC and some of these only with special tokens which I’ll mention later. The garrison blueprint will allow you to build your Alchemy Lab.

To craft the Draenor recipes you’ll need to build up a stock of BoP reagents from your daily cool downs. For Alchemy this is the reagent Alchemical Catalyst. Each of the professions has their own unique, daily cool down crafting reagent. The regular cool down is contained in your spell-book and will yield:

  • 4 x Alchemical Catalyst
  • Chance of Sorcerous Fire
  • Chance of Sorcerous Water

However, if you also have a level 1 Alchemy Lab, you’ll also be able to create up to 7 Work Orders or an additional 6 x Alchemical Catalyst (6 in a 24hr period).

I should also mention those special tokens which are named: Secrets of Draenor Alchemy. These act as a form of currency that can be crafted daily and are used to purchase the higher level recipes and patterns. All small profession-based structures have a ‘Secret of Draenor …’ type of currency associated with them on the same daily cool down.

In the next post before the final release, I’ll discuss  getting your garrison to Tier 2 and the must-have second small structure to build.

In summary

As with all expansions, you must learn to trade on the Auction House if you are to succeed in making gold in Warcraft. Changes brought with this new expansion have greatly increased the competition for sellers making it that much harder to turn a profit.

Gold making in Warlords of Draenor is linked to garrison building and garrison strategy. Players that can level their garrison the quickest and choose structures to harvest the most crafting material will be the first to market for the most desirable potions, enchants and gear and thus make an early killing on the Auction House.

Marcus Ty


WoW Auction House Guide
The Marcus Ty Auction House Gold Secrets Guide