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New Journal of Marcus Ty Warlords Edition Countdown

New Journal of Marcus Ty Warlords Edition Countdown

The countdown to the release of my new Journal of Marcus Ty – Warlords Edition series of gold guides has begun! Checkout the new video at the Journal of Marcus Ty and sign up for a special 20% early-bird discount. You’ll also be allowed to download the...

Warlords of Draenor Beta – Alchemy Lab

If you have been following my exploits in the Warlords Alpha you may recall my last short video explaining how I built my first garrison on Frostfire Ridge. The Alpha has now merged in the Beta and I have now created another (Alliance) character in Shadowmoon Valley....

My Year of Making World of Warcraft gold

I’ve been chilling out over the holidays, fighting my way through a mountain of Christmas Pudding and cream, so I haven’t spent a great deal of time in the Auction House. I’ve also parked my army of profession alts for now, giving them some respite ...

Making Warcraft Gold During Feast of Winter Veil

It was the eve before Winter Veil and all along the shore, players were grinding for small eggs and lots more. Yes, it’s the Feast of Winter Veil in Azeroth which means Egg Nog, Preserved Holly and Winter Garb . It also means there’s gold to made during...

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The Lost Journal Pages

Your quest, Friend, is to find the lost pages of my Journal. Each page reveals a gold making secret that could make you gold beyond the dreams of Goblin traders. Find all six of my lost pages to to complete this quest. Hurry Friend! Enter your name and email below to begin your quest.