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How to trade in WoW

Teaching Old Gold Makers How To Make A Profit

-+*My Dad always told me that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. What he didn’t tell me was apparently you can’t teach an old gold maker old tricks! At least when it comes to making a profit. There are many strategies in World of Warcraft for making gold but not all of them … Continue reading

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Making gold From Old World Markets

-+*As makers of gold in World of Warcraft there is a risk that we become stuck in the rut of crafting only the latest of gear or trade in the latest of material. In this post I’ll explain how trading in gear and material across the expansions can make you easy wow gold and reduce … Continue reading

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Gold Making Strategies – Arcanite Bars

-+*I’ve tweeted (#AuctionHouseSecrets) recently of my success at selling Arcanite Bars on my server for a good profit and thought I’d take some time to write a short post, exploring the rational behind this gold making strategy. At first blush it might seem that selling this Old World metal wouldn’t be very profitable, but you … Continue reading

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Five Auction House Trading Mistakes

-+*Whether you’re new to the Auction House or have been trading for a while, players often make these same five trading mistakes. Cure these mistakes and you’ll be trading like a goblin pro. Forgetting to Trade A common mistake for those players new to WoW is to forget to trade. The Auction House is your … Continue reading

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Cross-Realm Auction House

-+*Blizzard caused an uproar, a little while ago, when Tom Chilton (Game Director) muted the possibility of a future cross-server Auction House. Why this should cause such angst among players, I’m not sure, but I thought I’d explore some of the implications of such a move as a wow player and gold maker. This post … Continue reading

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The Remote Auction House – Tips and Ticks

-+*This weeks post is part of Cold’s Gold Blogging Carnival on the Remote Auction House. I was in a meeting recently, giving a presentation to a few Execs, some of whom were using their iPads. Halfway through the meeting I heard the familiar chime of the Remote Auction House. I paused and looked at the … Continue reading

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What’s New In Patch 5.04?

-+*So did you survive the latest patch? Surprisingly, my patch day went relatively smoothly, thanks primarily to the Blizzard background downloader doing it’s job over the past few weeks and carefully managing my library of addons. Once the new launcher had downloaded I was up and ready to go. Well almost. Here’s my spin on … Continue reading

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Auction House Gold Making Strategies

-+*As a Mage in my early levels I struggled to make gold. One reason for this was my lack of skill in the Auction House. Over the years I’ve sought out those players renowned for their gold making and compiled a list of some of their most successful Auction House strategies. In this post I … Continue reading

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Gold Secrets of The Goblin Traders

-+*The Goblins are a strange – and some  say, deranged – race that have managed to co-exist with both Horde  and Alliance factions in many lands, relying on both their trade and engineering skills to barter  an uneasy neutrality. As such,the major Goblin  towns of Gadgetzan, Booty Bay and Everlook  are perhaps the only locations … Continue reading

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How to Use Trade Chat in the Auction House

-+*The goblins have always known that by shouting out their wares and services increases the number of trades they will complete in a day. Walk down any goblin controlled town and you’ll hear their shouts or ‘barks’ : ‘Have I got a deal for you!’ So, what works for the goblins will also work for … Continue reading

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On the Trading of Pets

-+*There are many more ways to make gold in the World of Warcraft that don’t include grinding and crafting. They are based on the Goblin principle of  “Hard to-Find“. Players will pay good gold coin for hard to find or unusual items – providing you know where to look and how to sell them. I … Continue reading

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Learn To Trade Like A Goblin

-+*We all know that the goblins are the ultimate of traders and the reason is that they always follow these 5 goblin principles of auction house trading. If you can learn and master these 5 principles then you will never be short of World of Warcraft gold – at least not this side of Azeroth. Continue reading

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No Begging Outside The Auction House

-+*I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed an increasing number of wow players begging for gold – at least on the European servers that I play on. Continue reading

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