Making gold in patch 6.2 – Cooking

Cooking is always a good way to make gold so when patch 6.2 arrived I delved straight into the patch notes to see what’s new.

The best ways to make gold with Cooking is to supply the crafting reagents for the new recipes. In patch 6.2 there’s a new recipe called ‘Fel Eggs and Ham’. You’ll find this recipe ┬ádrops from the Horde cook called ‘Lok’goron Hashslinger‘. He hangs out in a foundry, just North of the IronHold Harbour. He’s easy to solo – even for a wimpy Mage!

Fel Eggs and Ham
Fel Eggs and Ham

The new recipe calls for the reagents Fel Egg and Fel Ham which can be easily obtained from the area of jungle surrounding the Horde settlement of Vol’Mar.

Fel Egg – can be obtained from grinding the Greater Axebeak in nearly all of the Jungle; Fel Ham from grinding the Diretusk boar around Vol’Mar. Both items drop relatively easily and both sell for a good price on the Auction House: Fel Egg 60-80g per item; Fel Ham: 70-122g per item.

Easy money for the first few days in the Tanaan Jungle. Time to cook up some Fel Eggs and Ham, I am!



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