New Warcraft Expansion is Legion

Legion Expansion
Legion Expansion – (c) Blizzard Entertainment


Blizzard announced its latest expansion to World of Warcraft at Gamescom15 to be called Legion.  Yes, the red-eyed Gul’Dan has been up to his old tricks again releasing upon Azeroth an old, green enemy. The Burning Crusade is back – at least, according to Khadgar.

The Burning Crusade Meets Wrath

Take the best of lore from The Burning Crusade and mix in the best of Wrath of the Lich King and this gives you a flavour of the new expansion, Legion. While some may see this a recycling of old content, I view this as the continuing story of the Warcraft theme, based on its rich history and many backstories, many of which will be explored in the new expansion.

Demon Hunters

Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter – (c) Blizzard Entertainment


The Tomb of Sargeras has been reopened, and the demons of the Burning Legion pour into our world. Extinction is imminent, so we are told, and we’ll need to new champions to do battle. These take the form of a new class of character call Demon Hunters, elven outcasts that can take the fel form of demons, complete with horns and cool tats. They even have a neat little trick – the double leap! Looks like fun tripping over the keyboard with that one.

Weapon Artefacts

Artifact Ashbringer Upgrade – (c) Blizzard Entertainment


To do battle with the invading Legion, our heroes must gather weapons of imaginable power. For this Blizzard have introduced the Artifact – a type of weaponised glyph system. Part of the quest is to seek out these artifacts and build-out our weapons such as Ashbringer and Windrunner


Windrunner – (c) Blizzard Entertainment

The Broken Isles

Broken Isles Map - (c) Blizzard Entertainment
Broken Isles Map – (c) Blizzard Entertainment


The action takes place in a new zone called The Broken Isles with six new regions:

  • The Broken Shore
  • Azsuna
  • Val’Sharah
  • Suramar
  • Stormheim
  • Highmountain

For the scenery, Blizzard has drawn on its rich content of landscapes and structures from The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, which many of us who have played wow over the years have become familiar with.

Max Level 110

Players quest to a new level 110. As in Warlords there is the ability to boost a character straight to level 100.

Order Halls

In Legion, we no longer come together as Horde or Alliance, but organise according to our class in new garrison-like structures – Class-specific Order Halls, complete with followers. I’m wondering at this point, how long it will take us all to abandon our carefully tended garrisons in favour of Halls?

On My Honor

For those into PvP the honor system has been completely re-vamped. Gone is the currency system and honour points in favour of experience that unlocks new talents.

Dungeons and Raids

As with every new expansion there are new dungeon and raids. Blizzard is giving special emphasis to the dungeon mechanics in this expansion to make them more rewarding. Not one for running dungeons, this might be the expansion where I explore this new content in ernest.

Legion Gold Making

And what of gold making in this new expansion? As always, unless Blizzard completely abandons the wow gold economy that the game is based on, gold making will follow the same pattern as in previous expansions: new gear requiring new mats for crafting, creating demand that’s supplied by the likes of gold makers like myself. The tools and techniques I’ve honed over these past 10 years will ensure that I have plenty of gold to buy WoW Tokens, meaning I’ll never have to worry about paying for subs.

So yes! Bring on your Legion, Blizzard. My bags are full with gold!


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