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Selling Shirts in Legion

by | Oct 3, 2016 | Legion

Vendor Shirts

Vendor Shirts


Ask the other Mages in the Kirin Tor and they’ll tell you that I’d sell the shirt off my own back if I thought it would make me a profit. Well, they’re not far off!

Since the release of Legion and the addition of the new achievement Fashionista: Shirt, I’ve been buying vendor offered shirts for silver and selling them for gold – quite a bit of gold, actually. The achievement requires players collect 15 different shirts, so there is a steady demand for them on the Auction House.

The technique is very simple:

  1. First visit a shirt vendor and buy several types of shirt – usually costing silver.
  2. If using TSM create a group and suitable operation.
  3. List your shirt as part of your daily trading.

I limit my shirt buying activity to just a few vendors. Here are the ones I use:

  1. Karandona – Threads of Fate, Dalaran
  2. Broxel Goldgrasp – Argent Tournament
  3. Carla Granger – Trade District, Stormwind
  4. Orleans, Orgrimmar

There are many more if you want to take the time to research them, but this should get you started.

Here is my TSM list:

I’ll leave you the small task of creating a suitable auctioning operation to go with this group.

Here’s wishing you more gold in ya bags!

Marcus Ty

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