Journal of Marcus Ty – Gold Guide Review

Journal of Marcus Ty
Journal of Marcus Ty

The Journal of Marcus Ty is a collection of World of Warcraft gold making guides, written by an experienced gamer and long-time player of World of Warcraft, Marcus Ty.

Marcus Ty is well known in the World of Warcraft gold making community for his writing and Twitter feeds on the Warcraft economy with many articles published to his name. The Journal of Marcus Ty guides are the culmination of his writing, collected together for the first time into a complete gold making system, catering for new and experienced players alike, updated to the latest patch 4.3.

The Journal series of Gold Guides comprises a set of three core guides:

  • Auction House Secrets
  • The Professions
  • Grinding Guide

The three guides make up over 200 pages of key facts, strategies and gold making techniques that players can use to legally make many hundreds of thousands of gold as a part of their regular game-play. New players will quickly learn the fundamentals of gold making in the World of Warcraft, while experienced players can hone their skill with some of the more advanced gold making techniques.

Auction House Secrets

The key guide in the series is Auction House Secrets and is designed to be read first. The guide takes players step-by-step through the basics of the Warcraft Auction House, explaining the fundamentals of Warcraft gold economy and the secrets to successful trading. It then moves on to explain some of the more advanced techniques of Auction House trading, used in conjunction with selected addons. This guide alone is enough to get most players earning thousands of gold on a daily basis, providing them with a successful foundation to gold making that will work patch after patch.

The Professions Guide

The Professions guide compliments Auction House Secrets by explaining the gold making strategies built in to each of the World of Warcraft professions. The guide also explains those advanced techniques used by the gold making professionals to shuffle material from one profession to another and that make players tens of thousands of gold a day.

The Profession guide covers both gathering and craft professions and contains handy references tables that can be used throughout the levels and across all the current expansions.

Grinding Guide

For those players that love to grind, there is the Grinding guide. This guide covers all the essential trade material that players need for their professions, the best mobs to grind and their locations. In addition, the guide explains the best techniques to use to grind some of the more popular factions to quickly gain reputation so that they can access faction specific pets and mounts.

Bonus Guides

As a bonus, each purchase of the Journal series includes two additional guides: A Quick Start Guide to TSM and the Marcus Ty Cooking Guide.

The Quick Start Guide to TSM compliments the professions guide and explains some of the advanced techniques used by the gurus when using this addon.

The Cooking guide compliments the Grinding guide and shows players how to quickly reach Illustrious Grand Master in Cooking skill by laying out all the key recipes and where to find them. The Grinding guide covers all the mobs that provide the Meats for the Cooking guide.

In Summary

The Journal series of gold making guides is a huge resource for any player in World of Warcraft wanting to quickly make gold without resorting to cheats and hacks. The strategies and techniques explained in the series are based firmly on the Warcraft economy, so won’t quickly become outdated and are completely legal. The series will cater for both beginners and more advanced players using tried and tested gold making techniques used by many of the top players in the gold making community.