Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast – Episode 12

Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast

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Welcome to episode twelve of the Marcus Ty series of gold making podcasts. In this episode your host, Marcus Ty, and Nev of the Blog Auction House Addict talk about the pros and cons of grinding reputation and its advantages for making gold in World of Warcraft.

Marcus gives you  some hints and tips on questing on the Isle of Thunder and tells you how to get hold his new TSM2 guide.

Nev and Marcus talk about their favorite factions from past expansions and give you some hints on what to grind for faction specific patterns and recipes.

This show was recorded on Friday August 30th, 2013.

[MP3] Episode 12 – Grinding Reputation
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Show Notes

    • Welcome to the Pig & Whistle, Stormwind.
    • Pot Kettle, Pot Kettle, Pot Kettle…
    • What’s happening with the EU Hearthstone Beta
    • Nev talks about her TSM2 experience
    • Marcus tells us how to get hold of his new, free TSM2 guide
    • Hints and tips when questing on the Isle of Thunder.
    • Nev and Marcus talk about reputation!
    • Nev and Marcus talk about factions from past expansions
    • Nev’s favorite factions and mounts.
    • Some TSM2 tips.
    • Markets of the week.

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

WoW Auction House Guide
The Marcus Ty Auction House Gold Secrets Guide