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Bigger Fish To Fry Legion Achievement

If you’re a keen Warcraft fisherman and want to level your Fishing skill fast, then seek to complete the Legion achievement “Bigger Fish To Fry” which requires you to catch all of the 18 rare fish in Legion. Enjoy!

Selling Shirts in Legion

  Ask the other Mages in the Kirin Tor and they'll tell you that I'd sell the shirt off my own back if I thought it would make me a profit. Well, they're not far off! Since the release of Legion and the addition of the new achievement Fashionista: Shirt, I've...

Legion Gold Making Preparations – Secondary Professions

With just a few more weeks before the launch of Legion, I’m busily preparing my alts for the new Warcraft expansion. In this latest post I’ll explore the Secondary professions of Cooking, Fishing and First Aid to help you on your way to the Broken Shore. Players often...

Making Gold With Alchemy In Warlords

As we start the run-up to Legion, many players are looking to top-up their gold stash to enable them to get off to a good start when the new game is released in September or to buy themselves more game time with the purchase of a WoW Token. Over the many years of...

Will I Be Playing Warcraft Legion This Fall?

Will Warcraft Legion Be Worth Playing? I've been playing World of Warcraft for over ten years now (I know, crazy) and so far I've bought into every expansion that Blizzard have released. But the question I'm asking myself right now is "will I be playing Warcraft...

New Warcraft Expansion is Legion

  Blizzard announced its latest expansion to World of Warcraft at Gamescom15 to be called Legion.  Yes, the red-eyed Gul'Dan has been up to his old tricks again releasing upon Azeroth an old, green enemy. The Burning Crusade is back - at least, according to...

TradeSkillMaster 3 Beta

I was excited hear of the recent announcement by the TradeSkillMaster team of the new TradeSkillMaster 3 Beta. In this post I thought I would review some of the new features that I understand may be making an appearance in the final release. TradeSkillMaster is now an...

Making gold in patch 6.2 – Cooking

Cooking is always a good way to make gold so when patch 6.2 arrived I delved straight into the patch notes to see what's new. The best ways to make gold with Cooking is to supply the crafting reagents for the new recipes. In patch 6.2 there's a new recipe called 'Fel...

New Journal of Marcus Ty Warlords Edition Countdown

The countdown to the release of my new Journal of Marcus Ty - Warlords Edition series of gold guides has begun! Checkout the new video at the Journal of Marcus Ty and sign up for a special 20% early-bird discount. You'll also be allowed to download the guides straight...

Farming Savage Blood – The Easy Way!

Having finally upgraded my garrison Barn to a level 3 building, I'm now able to farm for Savage Blood, which as we know sells for big bucks on the Auction House. The only down side, is that it requires the trapping of elite beasts (Deadly Iron Trap) like the Iron Hide...


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