Engineering Gold with Tinker’s Gears

Mists of Pandaria EngineerEngineering has always been one of my favorite World of Warcraft professions with so many wacky items to craft and wondrous flying machines build. Yet many players shy away from Engineering when it comes to making gold, thinking it too costly to level and with too few items to craft for a profit. Now, while this was certainly true in some of the earlier expansions, Engineering in Mists of Pandaria has been given a boast with the addition of many new items to craft, providing players with a greater opportunity to make gold.

Gears of War

Having now leveled my Engineer to Zen Master I’ve found some surprising items to craft for a profit. The items in question are Tinker’s Gears. These are in fact an Engineering Socket enhancement, the latest form of the ‘Cogwheel’ in MoP; but, unlike Cogwheels, which had to be purchased from a vendor in Wraith of the Lich King, gears are simply crafted from two Ghost Iron Bars at an Engineering skill of 550.

Here are a list of current Tinker’s Gears:

Gear Enhancement
Flashing Tinker’s Gear +600 Parry
Fractured Tinker’s Gear +600 Mastery
Precise Tinker’s Gear +600 Expertise
Quick Tinker’s Gear +600 Haste
Rigid Tinker’s Gear +600 Hit
Smooth Tinker’s Gear +600 Critical Strike
Sparkling Tinker’s gear +600 Spirit
Subtle Tinker’s Gear +600 Dodge

Selling To Engineers

Now, I have a rule which says that I don’t normally sell items tied to a specific profession as players with that profession can normally craft their own. There are a few exceptions, one being the selling of various bolts to other Engineers, which they seem to gobble up on my server; the other is now Gears which have been selling like hot cakes. They sell from between 25-75g each on my server, but only cost me 7g to craft – the cost of two Ghost Iron Bars. A great profit by any standard.

Seeing More Ore

To sweeten the pot, my Engineer is also a Miner which means a steady supply or Ghost Iron at little cost (there is always the cost of time to gather the ore and as we know, time is money). Here is one last tip: make sure your Miner is equipped with a pair of Mist-Piercing Goggles. You’ll be tripping over the additional nodes of ore with these in your bag.

Marcus Ty

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