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Welcome to episode nineteen of the Marcus Ty series of gold making podcast. In this episode your host, Marcus Ty, and Nev of the Blog Auction House Addict, go gold making by the sea shore in World of Warcraft.

Marcus has a new Mac which caused some technical difficulties but rewarded the Mage with improved graphics that demonstrate the brilliance of the Warcraft universe.

Marcus and Nev discuss the challenges of making gold at the lower levels and Marcus gives tips on how to make gold when first starting out in Azeroth.

This podcast was recorded on Saturday, 7th of December 2013.

[MP3] Episode 19 – Who’s a scuba diver, Nev?
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Show Notes

  • Welcome to the Pig and Whistle.
  • Marcus tells of his Big Mac.
  • Nev’s 15 min wonder
  • Making gold at the lower levels
  • Finding gold on the sea shore
  • Essex divers do it deeper

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  • Contact Marcus Ty on Twitter @MarcusTy
  • Contact Nev on Twitter @NevAHaddict
  • Nev’s Blog Auction House Addict
  • Email Marcus at
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What Drives a Gold Maker?

Marcus TyI’ve made so much gold in World of Warcraft – several million over many alts – that I don’t really keep track of it anymore. With so much gold in my collective bags I’m often asked by other players what drives me to keep making more?

As part of this months Blogging Carnival hosted by Selltacular at Copper to Gold I’ve tried to answer the question:

What keeps driving you to make gold?  What do you do to avoid getting burnt out?

I’ve always loved making gold – both in the real world and in Azeroth. In the real world I used to work for an organization that traded in physical gold bullion. I built computer systems that tracked and managed the yellow shiny metal. I guess it was the TradeSkillMaster of its day! So it was natural that when I first started playing World of Warcraft that I should be drawn to the virtual gold economy of the game.

Now talk to any gold maker and he or she will tell you that no matter how many millions of virtual gold one has, there’s always the need to make more! But it helps to have a challenge in the game and when I first started down the road of serious gold making my primary goal was to make enough gold to buy my first epic mount. Those amounts of gold now seem ludicrously small, but having an end-game in sight helped to keep me focused.

So now I have several million gold I ask myself what is the next goal? For me it’s not about the amount of gold I’ve amassed but the continued exploration of the wow gold economy. I can honestly say that I’ve not come close to exploring all the possible markets that exist on the Auction House and I’m always learning new tools and techniques to make gold efficiently. For me, its the continued refinement of my gold making techniques that drives me to make gold.

But it’s easy to get burnt out. You need to balance the making of gold with the rest of your game-play. This is true in the real world as it is in Azeroth.  My advice to new players just starting out on their quest to their first million gold is to strive for a balance in your game-play. Sure, set gold making goals – but not to the exclusion of all else in the game.

For me, it’s time I set some new goals – perhaps I’ll level a new character on a new Realm. I’ve always said that I should level a Horde character all the way through to level 90 and make as much gold as I can in the process. Now there’s a challenge!

Here’s wishing you more gold in ya bags!
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20 Days of Gold Making – Starting Over

I’ve been making wow gold for so many years that I sometimes forget how hard it can be for players new to the game to get started. So, as part of ‘Nev’s – 20 Days of Gold Making‘ I thought I would write a short post on some basic gold making strategies for those players just starting out on a new server and in their lower levels.

Choose A Character You Like

World of Warcraft was designed to be character building – well literally! So, it’s best to roll a character that best suits you as a player and not worry if it’s suited to making gold. The gold making I teach is based firmly on the wow gold economy, so it works regardless of race, class or faction.

Those of you that follow me on Twitter will know that, often as not, I tend to play a Mage. It’s just the way I roll! But I often like to roll a completely new race, class and faction just for the hell of it. In fact, I have sometime been known to roll Horde!

Don’t Listen To The One Hack Wonders

Now, as a Mage in my early levels, I too struggled to make gold. My guild mates tried to help, but their advice consisted mainly of grinding this mob and that mob for hours on end in the hope of some rare item dropping. Other would suggest this hack and that hack which would soon be nerfed with the coming of the next patch. Some even suggested I buy my gold.

What Madness! Buying gold will get you banned and why spend the real bucks when there’s gold in-game for the taking.

Time Is Money

As  a lowly Mage when first starting, the strategy of endlessly grinding as a the main method of making gold was always doomed to failure. And anyway, who has the time?

Now, don’t get me wrong. Grinding in the early levels can be a valid strategy to begin with – to help build a little capital, but it can’t be the only strategy. It simply takes too much time for those of us who have to inhabit the real world. And in the early days, that is what I was told to do.

Learn How To Trade

No, the best way to start making gold in World of Warcraft  is to first get a basic understanding of the Warcraft of Warcraft Economy and then learn to trade. If you understand what’s in demand on your server, you’ll find it easy to acquire those items – either through simple grinding as part of your daily questing, or picking up items listed below market price on the Auction House.

And learning how to Trade on the Auction House is the quickest way to make gold.

Install The Right Addon

To trade effectively on the Auction House you need the right addon. If only I had known this when I first started playing wow. Learning How To Install Addons is very easy, but they do need to be maintained.

Choose a Profession

The next important gold making tip for those just starting out is to choose two primary professions – one of which needs to be a gathering profession:

  • Herbalism
  • Mining
  • Skinning

The other profession should be a complementary crafting profession. I prefer these days to have Alchemy and Jewelcrafting, but most of the crafting professions provide opportunities to make you gold.

Building Capital

To trade effectively, you first need to build a little capital. Not much, but enough to buy and sell a few items on the Auction House and to pay the Auction House fees. New players are amazed how costly it can be, simply to list a few items.

Now, how much is enough? Well, You can start hitting the Auction House with less than 20g and gradually build up to a 200-300g quite quickly – providing you can gauge demand on your server.

Here are few gold making strategies that can build capital at the early levels:

  • Gather material using your primary gathering profession
  • Gather cloth through daily questing and selected dungeons
  • Gather food items in demand for the Cooking profession

Any of these basic strategies will soon net you more than enough gold capital to start you trading and listing items on the Auction House more frequently.

In Summary

Don’t listen to the ‘One Hack Wonders’. Learn the basics of the World of Warcraft Economy and those Auction House Secrets that will earn you gold quickly and efficiently, without the need for hacks and cheats.

Choose a gathering and crafting profession, early in the game  (level 5) and use your gathering profession to build some trading capital.

By trading every playing session, even low level characters can amass thousands of gold very quickly.

WoW Auction House Guide
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