Jewelcrafting Gold Making Tips

Jewelcrafting offers many gold making opportunities within a single market making this a very profitable profession for players to have in their gold making armory. In this post I’ll explore some of the ways I make gold with this profession.

My wow gold making had slowed this week as some of the markets I operate in heated up with unusually high competition. All, that is, except the Jewelcrafting market which seemed to have few players crafting items. So I went in search of my JC alt and dragged him out of the Pig and Whistle (Stormwind) and put him to work crafting some of the more popular Jewelcrafting items on my server.

Craft Items in Demand

Most players should be able to make gold with Jewelcrafting, although like most professions, there’s more gold to be had at the higher levels of experience. Needless to say, my alt is at the level of Illustrious Grand Master, but even so I’m selective at what I craft. In a perfect world you should craft only those items which are in demand on your server and at a price that returns you a decent profit.

The problem many players have when trying to make gold with Jewelcrafting is trying to decide what to craft from the shear number of possible items. These can range from ring and neck pieces to a wide variety of uncut and cut gems. My first tip – which can be applied to most of the professions – is to turn to The Undermine Journal

Craft Items That Make A Profit

Once you’re at the TUJ select ENHANCEMENT->Jewelcrafting which will take you to a page that shows you those high-end crafted items that sell at profit on your server (Market Price less Cost of Mats).

From The Undermine Journal

In the above example you can see that the Vicious Ruby Signet is worth crafting whereas the Vicious Ruby Choker won’t make me a profit if I buy the mats from the server at this time.  I normally follow this up with a quick search of the item I’m interested in to gauge the competition on my server.

From The Undermine Journal

As you can see from my search on TUJ there isn’t much competition on my server so I might risk expending gold on the mats to craft this item; alternatively, I might craft the item from existing stock and make a bigger profit.

Find A Niche In You Market

Here’s another tip that can be applied to most of the professions, not just Jewelcrafting. If competition for crafted items is high across a given profession on your server, try looking for niche items to craft at a profit. On my server this week I noticed very few players crafting Jasper Rings. A quick look in the bank revealed I already had several stacks of uncut Jasper. I quickly turned these into Rings. Normally, the resulting ring turns out to be an uncommon item, but there is a chance to proc a rare form of the ring greatly increasing its value. In this example my green rings sold for 40g a piece, whereas my blue rings sold for 140g a piece making me a nice profit.

Don’t Waste Time Prospecting

Here’s my last Jewelcrafting tip. Don’t waste time prospecting for gems if you can buy them cheaply on your server. Taking my Jasper Ring example above: the market price of uncut Jasper on my server is currently 6g, whereas the market price for an uncommon Ring is 40g. Even if I don’t proc any rare forms of the ring I’m still in profit.

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