Dude, Where’s My Noodle Cart!

Noodle Cart

I was hanging out with my co-host @NevAHaddict in the Pig & Whistle this weekend, chatting about the secondary professions on the JMT Podcast when I happen to mention that I couldn’t find the quest for the new Noodle Cart on the Timeless Isle: !Noodle Secrets Long Forgotten.

Being a caring and thoughtful kind of person she just laughed and told me I hadn’t finished all the Pandaren Ways of Cooking at the Halfhill Market. Once I had ‘mastered’ all the Ways of cooking, the quest should appear.

I guess I kinda lost my Way on that one!

Now, for those that have just started cooking in Pandaria, there are six Ways or specializations of cooking, obtainable once a player reaches a profession level of 530. Pick up the quests from Sunshin Ironpaw at the Halfhill Market:

  • Way of the Wok
  • Way of the Steamer
  • Way of the Pot
  • Way of the Oven
  • Way of the Grill
  • Way of the Brew

Now, while I had started down the road on many of these specializations, I hadn’t maxed them out to a level of 600. So I set out for the Halfhill Market and and started to cook up a storm and managed to get my Way of the Oven up to 600 with some juggling of Meats and Vegetables.

A case of ‘Way to Go’!

So, if like me you’ve been searching for the elusive quest for the Noodle Cart on the Timeless Isle and still haven’t found it, make sure you’ve mastered all the Pandaren Ways of cooking and the quest should appear.

As for me it’s back to the farm. I have some Turnips to plant!