On the Trading of Pets

There are many more ways to make gold in the World of Warcraft that don’t include grinding and crafting. They are based on the Goblin principle of  “Hard to-Find“.

Players will pay good gold coin for hard to find or unusual items – providing you know where to look and how to sell them.

I stumbled upon this method of gold making quite by accident. It was while on a perilous journey, heading towards the land they call Tanaris, across what used to be the Shimmering Flats, and is now just a lake, that I came across a vendor of exotic wares.

“Psst, Friend, want to buy a chicken?”
How unusual, I thought, a chicken.
“What does it do,” I asked.
“Well nuffin, Friend, it’s just a chicken.”
“Will it help me in combat?”
“Heal me?”
“Warn me of advancing Horde?”
“Not exactly.”
“I’ll take two.”
“Sold to the Mage in the funny shorts!”

I admit I have no sales resistance. I named my chicken Humphrey and when let out of its cage would follow me around everywhere. Humphrey became my constant companion on the long road of my quest.

Then one day another player approached me.

“Wow a chicken! What does it do?”
“Well, nothing. It’s a chicken.”
“Is it a killer chicken?”
“Not exactly.”
“How much do you want for it?”

So I sold my spare chicken for a few gold and made a tidy profit into the bargain. It then occurred to me that perhaps other players would want to own a chicken.

Now listen closely, Friend, for I’m about to impart a valuable lesson: There’s gold to be made in the trading of pets.

There are lots of pet vendors scattered throughout the land of Azeroth, but knowing how to locate and trade these little companions is another matter.

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