The Trading of Pets

Warrior PetThe trading of non-combat pet or companions can be a very profitable niche market and provide many a new player with an additional income stream outside of the established markets of general crafting materials. Players thinking about trading these items should consider these key points.

When I first started to trade in wow I was amazed at the sort of things players would buy and sell. There was always some rogue on my server selling outlandish things such as snowballs during the feast of Winter Veil. At the end of the day, what sells on the Warcraft Auction House all comes down to supply and demand. If you can anticipate the demand for and item and supply the Auction House at the right time, at an acceptable price, then you’ll always make some gold and hopefully a healthy profit.

The trading of pets is a good example of this. Players are always on the look out for new non-combat pets, or companions as they are called, and some players are active collectors. I have, over the years, collected around twenty for my own amusement, but there are hundreds of these little critters that player can collect across all expansions and trading them can be very profitable.

First Gauge the Competition on Your Sever

The thing to remember is, like any niche market, the trading volumes will be that much smaller when compared to volumes associated with general crafting materials such as Herbs, Ore and Skins etc. It’s no good flooding your server will dozens of items and expecting all to sell. You’re likely to end up with a mailbox full of expired auctions and get hit with hefty auction fees. So the first thing to do before you jump into the market to gauge the level of competition on your server.

Simply browse the Auction House under the category Miscellaneous->Pets and see what’s listed. If you see that a particular pet isĀ  missing, or there appears to be little competition in the pet category then go ahead a list a few items. If you discover a huge number of listings, wait a few days and see if these traders are still active. You’ll unlikely to succeed with your pet trading if there is already a large contingent of established traders on your server.

Finding Pets to Sell?

There are three main sources of pets in the game that can be acquired for the Auction House:

  1. Pets sold by vendors
  2. Pets crafted by players
  3. Pets acquired from faction quartermasters

Just remember that any pet sold on the Auction House must be BOE (Bind on Equip).

Pets sold by vendors are very common and unlimited supplies of many pets are sold by vendors in many of the major city – both Horde and Alliance; they’re also sold by those scoundrels the goblins of the Steamwheedle Cartel in the neutral towns. You’ve probably come across several vendors in your travels, but you may be surprised to learn that many of these pets still sell at a good profit when re-listed on the Auction House of many servers. Here are a few examples:

  1. Rabbit Crate (Snowshoe), vendor Yarlyn Ambersill, location Ambersill Lodge, Dun Morogh
  2. Calico Cat, vendor Breanni, Dalaran
  3. Great Horned Owl, vendor Shylenai, Darnassus
  4. Cockatiel, vendor Narkk, Booty Bay
  5. Black Kingsnake, vendor Xan’tish, Orgrimmar
  6. Winterspring Cub, vendor Michelle De Rum, Winterspring
  7. Cats, Mad Cat Lady, Elwynn Forest
  8. Siamese Cat, vendor Dealer Rashaad, Netherstrom

Many of these pets are sold by the vendor for a few silver but can be listed on the Auction House for several gold. An example is the common Rabbit Crate sold by Yarlyn Ambersill of Ambersill Lodge. The Lodge is a little off the beaten track and the vendor is often missed by new players, thus putting this pet in my ‘Hard to Find’ category of items. Many players just can’t be bothered to track it down and will thus pay a premium for this pet.

Pet vendors in Dalaran and Netherstorm are just hard to get to by many new players or by players without the relevant expansion. Pets sold by these two vendors are around 50g or lower depending on your reputation standing with the relevant factions.

Crafted pets are also very popular. They’re bought by players who do not necessarily have the requisite profession. So Tailors will buy Engineering pets and vice versa. Here are some popular types:

  1. Pet Bombling
  2. Mechanical Chicken
  3. De-weaponized Mechanical Companion
  4. Magic Lamp (Enchanting, Alliance)
  5. Enchanted Lantern (Enchanting, Horde)

Pets obtained by grinding reputation with various factions is another great source and limits the supply of these items, thus increasing their value. Examples:

  1. Tick Bird (Mysterious Egg, Revered Oracles)
  2. Elwynn Lamb (Quartermaster, Argent Tournament)

For a complete list of companions in wow check out

Finding the Right Price

If you have read my article on The 5 Goblin Principles of Successful Auction House Trading, you will know that finding the right price of an item is key to being an effective trader. In niche markets, like pets, setting the right price can be a little more difficult, given the fluctuations in volume and the vagaries of the buyers in this market.

If you are the first to list, then set a price a little above the market floor. But don’t go overboard. If yours is an established server, you’ll find that there is an established market price for most of the popular pets; on less established servers, pricing will be more erratic and you’ll have to take a punt. On low population servers you’ll find that even the most common of pets sell very well for much gold.

As with any market, it’s always a good idea to do a little research before jumping in. Select those pets you can easily obtain either through crafting or because you have the relevant craft skill and then research them using sites like the Undermine Journal (no relation to my Journal).

Barking Mad!

I always like to Bark my wares in the trade channel. If I’m listing a Tick Bird, for example, I might bark ‘On the AH Tick Bird going cheep!’ or some silly nonsense to get peoples attention. Some players find it amusing – but some take the opportunity to flame me. Now, if you’re selling a common pet for 20g – well you might deserve it; but if you’re selling a crafted item or a pet obtained by long hours of reputation dailies (I’m thinking of the Argent Tournament) then the price you charge for a pet like Elwynn Lamb might seem reasonable to some people.

As the goblins say ‘Time is Money, Friend’!

Marcus Ty is a level 85 Mage of Stormwind and writes extensively on all aspects of the Warcraft economy and the making of gold. His latest WoW Gold Guide is called Auction House Secrets and is part of the Journal of Marcus Ty series of guides.