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I was excited hear of the recent announcement by the TradeSkillMaster team of the new TradeSkillMaster 3 Beta. In this post I thought I would review some of the new features that I understand may be making an appearance in the final release.

TradeSkillMaster is now an established part of many Warcraft players armoury of gold making toolkit and has largely replaced de facto addons like Auctioneer and Auctionator. However, it has a steeper learning curve compared to some of its older counterparts and it’s configuration requires a little more thought and planning. That said, many new players are moving over to TSM and adopting it as their main gold making addon.

New Features of TSM3

Existing users of TSM2 will be relieved to hear that there have been no major ‘structural’ changes to the program. By that I mean all of the component modules are essentially the same in their use and configuration. The use of Groups and Operations  remain unchanged so the learning curve for the new program will be minimal for existing TSM2 users and hopefully we won’t have to re-create all our groups. That’s not to say there haven’t been some vast improvements in the new program and these I’ll cover now.

Configuration Feature

Players new to TSM can find it difficult to initially configure the program. In my new Journal of Marcus Ty Guide – Warlords Edition, I make a point of including a full guide on the use and configuration of TSM2 showing players where all the options to all modules are ‘hidden’. TSM3 greatly improves this by taking all these configuration options and placing them in their own tab called, unsurprisingly ‘Configuration’!

Tooltip Feature

TMS3 now includes the new Blizzard tooltip option allow players to easily navigate the new features of the program. Those unfamiliar with TSM will find this feature reduces the learning curve of the new program.

Improved Quick Post Feature

Quick Post is a feature of the shopping module in TSM2. It basically allows you to post items straight to the Auction House from the contents of your bags – but only item by item. To post items quickly, they need to be in some form of group. TSM3 improves on this by creating a ‘dynamic’ group called ‘QuickPost’ which scans your bags and and creates a list of items to post  according the configuration rules of the QuickPost operation. The default settings for this dynamic group can be changed in one of many configuration options located in the configuration tab.

Warlords of Draenor Staged Gear

TSM3 is now much smarter than TSM2 in as much as it now recognises the new WoD staged gear and prices it accordingly.

Improved Scanning

TSM is always scanning, either as part of the Auctioning process or as part of the Shopping process. In TSM2, scans have to be interrupted if you want to perform another operation. For example, while performing an Auctioning scan you may see that an item is below your minimum price setting. If, upon inspection of the item, you decided you wanted to buy this item out, you would have no option other than to interrupt and stop the current scan. TSM3 is much smarter. It will allow you to pause the current scan and allow you to buy out the item in question and then continue with the scan. Very cool!

Improved Shopping Module

The Shopping module has undergone a bit of a facelift. The interface has been redesigned – but essentially, the functionality remains the same. It’s a little cleaner and more compact than the existing TSM2 and also a little smarter. Shopping scans will now consolidate single items posted from the same player, reducing the number of pages you have to wade through.

Improved Sniper Operation

Sniper is an option found in the Shopping Module. It dynamically scans the Auction House and displays an item when finds a bargain in ‘real-time’ according to a set of criteria provided in the Shopping Module configuration option. To buy an item with TSM2, you have to stop the scan. TSM3 now allows items to be bought without interrupting the scan. Also, Sniper allows you attach a suitable sound effect when an item is found that match your criteria.

New Group Option

TSM3 groups have remained unchanged, but a new ‘Value Filter’ has been added which now allows you to filter group items by their value (however that is configured). At first glance, you may not have a use for this option, but those players actively engaged in grouping transmog will probably use it to easily group items according to their current market value.

New Auction Option

TSM3 now has a new ‘Max Expires’ option for Auctioning, allowing you to set the number of items allowed to expire before the module stops posting. Again, a small enhancement to the existing system

Automatic Module Update

The only way to update modules in TSM is to download them at and manually install them which can become a bit of a pain. For PC users, there is help in the form of the Curse Client. TSM now incorporates a similar feature via it’s TSM desktop client – but only if you are a premium user.

Worthy Mentions

I’ve listed what I think are some of the best features of the new TSM3 – if they make it from beta to release. Below are some of the other new features worth mentioning:

  • Crafting queue can now sort items
  • Shopping now has a new Max Restock Qty
  • Twitter integration
  • Faster Mailing and more detailed mailing summaries
  • Bid support in posting scans
  • New Inventory tab
  • Greater number of Crafting conversions
  • Full tracking of Battle pets
  • Improved multi account setup
  • Overall speed inprovements.

Downloading TSM3 Beta

Currently, the only way to get your hands on a copy of the new program is to sign-up for a Beta invitation at Premium users get immediate access. There has been no mention of a final release date as far as I’m aware.


TSM2 is the main addon used by many serious gold makers and is a well-supported and stable program. The advent of TSM3 will build upon the program adding many improvements. Existing TSM2 users will have little trouble adopting the new program, while new users will find a more streamlined interface that’s easier to configure.

At the end of the day, users new to TSM will still have to get their head around the concepts of Groups and Operations and the subtleties of the many pricing sources and formula that need to be configured before the full potential of TSM is unleashed. The new Quick Posting feature will provide an easier transition for those players moving from addons like Auctioneer.

If you are new to gold making and want to get to that first million gold in Warcraft or simply want to unleash the full potential of TSM then there is my full featured guide which comes with a complete guide to getting down and dirty with TSM.

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