Making Gold With Transmogrification

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Transmogrification FashionFor those that follow me on twitter @MarcusTy #AuctionHouseSecrets, you will know that I’ve recently started down the road of trying to making gold by selling Transmogrification gear. Unless you slept through the last patch (4.3), Transmogrification is the new fangled ability introduced by the Ethereals that allows you to change the appearance of a piece of gear without changing any of its stats. In this article I’m going to explain the gold making opportunities that transmog has created and how you can start to earn gold by flipping transmog items on the Auction House.

I Resisted Flipping Plate

Now, before Transmogrification, I had always resisted trading in armor and weapons – at least when it came to ‘flipping’ these items. This is because the market pricing of gear can be subject to wide fluctuations, making it difficult to realize a profit on many items. I therefore ignored Transmogrification as a gold making opportunity and, like many others in the gold making community, moved on to other things.

The Mogfather

But one player was to prove us all wrong and showed us the new gold making potential that transmogrification brought with it. Like most things in today’s fast moving world, I heard it first on twitter and begun to follow a player going by the handle of @DEazeroth aka Keelhaul or who we all later called the ‘Mogfather’.

In his day job, Keelhaul is a design professional and once transmogrification hit the servers realized that players would pay hard-earned gold for gear just to look good. Now, for many of us grizzled players in the World of Warcraft, looking good amounted to naught if you ended up being wiped from the latest dungeon or raid party. It was all about the stats – even if that meant looking like a dog’s dinner!

But Keelhaul knew that the game had changed with transmogrification and started to analyze weapons and armor based on their unique design elements; his focus was the aesthetic of a piece and not the stats.  Based on this analysis he arranged Uncommon Plate and Mail sets into pricing tiers and started to list individual items at exceptional prices.

Keelhaul’s Unabridged Plate Mogging Flip List – Power Word Gold

Now, when I first heard about this list and the price tags Keelhaul had placed on these items, I was very skeptical. Why would anyone want to buy uncommon plate armor for 5000g?

But I was still thinking about the stats and not the aesthetic of a piece. Over the years I had been conditioned to worry about Stamina, Spirit, Agility and Strength and not ask myself the question: ‘does my bum look big in this?’

And in a few short months Keelhaul quickly made a million gold (gold capped) flipping this armor, then, incredulously or to prove a point, gave it all away and was promptly banned from the game in the process!

So I listened to the excellent podcast hosted by my mate Jim Younkin of Power Word Gold of Keelhaul explaining his critique of these armor sets. It’s then that the light bulb went on and the way I looked at old World of Warcraft plate changed forever.

Getting Started Flipping Mogging Gear

So how do you make gold from transmogrification? The short answer is you don’t. In effect, you’re providing desirable gear players want to use for transmogrification. But, before you start scouring the Auction House for Uncommon armor to flip, it’s helpful to understand why certain items or armor are in demand

Start by trying out transmogrification on your own gear. Once I started doing this I realized that there was no end to the amount of gold I was prepared to spend to achieve a certain look. When you multiply this by any number of alts a player might have, you begin to realize the pent up demand there is for good transmog items of gear.

Next go to, and navigate to Transmogrification Sets. Perform a search using the following filters:

  • Plate
  • Uncommon
  • Drop

You’ll be presented with a visual listing of Keelhauls original categories. It should be noted that these sets look best on the female form of the character. To understand this take a look at the following three sets which Kaulhaul places in his Tier 1 pricing bracket:

  • Glorious
  • Lofty
  • Vanguard

You’ll notice that the chest and girdle pieces look like a Bikini set. In fact these plate sets have been referred to as Platekini! This look is fairly unique among the sets and hence the reason why Keelhaul lists them as Tier 1 items in terms of their pricing. Once you understand the look players are searching for, you’ll have a better idea of how to value an item when you come to list it.

Create a Shopping List

You can automate the task of scouring the Auction House for armor or any other item by creating a shopping list in the new version of Trade Skill Master (TSM). TSM can be a little tricky to set up, which is why I’ve included a Quick Start Guide to TSM as part of my Journal series of Gold Guides. It’s now possible to import a previously prepared list by simply cutting and pasting into the new dialog box and pressing import.

If you don’t yet have a list it’s easy to create your own by typing the ‘itemid’ of the armor piece you’re searching for into the TSM search box. To find the itemid of a piece, navigate to the page of that item (or hover your mouse over a suitable link) and note the item number:; where 14966 is the itemid of the Glorious Chest Plate piece.

Here is the complete set of Glorious Plate:

Slot Itemid
Head 14969
Shoulder 14971
Chest 14966
Belt 14968
Feet 14972
Hands 14967
Legs 14970
Wrists 14974

To create a TSM import list simply create a comma separated list of itemids using any text editor, adding the start (s1@) and terminating characters ($@) to the list:


Then copy and paste the list into the TSM import area.

Marcus Ty Plate Mogging List

Using Keelhauls original plate mogging list as a guide, I’ve created my own list based on my own experiences of trying to flip items on my server. As always, the success or failure of the list is dependent on the population of your server and how aggressively you price your items. Keelhaul also found that Chest and Leg pieces were the best sellers and priced these slightly higher than the remaining slots.

Plate Set 1- Platekini

  • Glorious
  •  Lofty
  •  Vanguard
  •  Jade
  •  Saltstone

Plate Set 2 – Bodice Ripper

  • Tyrant’s
  • Hyperion
  • Commander
  • Exalted
  • Warleader

Plate Set 3  – Victoria Secret

  • Boulderfist
  • Darkcrest
  • Bloodfist
  • Warlord
  • Warmaul
note: I’m happy for you to blog my lists, just provide an acknowledgement and link back to this page.

My Experience at Flipping Mogging Plate Armor

Armed with my shopping lists I now scan the Auction House on a daily basis. I’m always surprised how many of these items of gear pop up – normally priced between 5g – 10g. Many are  head, hand and feet pieces. Nevertheless, I snap them up and  re-list them – anywhere from 200g-800g depending on the tier. Occasionally, I snatch a chest or leg piece which I price much higher from 500g-2,200g with the Tier 1 pieces commanding the higher prices and Tier 3 pieces the lower prices.

It’s taken about a month of trial and error to achieve a regular income from transmog plate items, but I estimate that this type of gold making activity now adds between 3,000-5,000g to my weekly sales on my medium population server. Other players have reported varying degrees of success. Will it make me a million gold overnight? Probably not on my server, but then I have a terrible eye for fashion!

Resources on Transmogrification

  1. Disenchanting Azeroth – Keelhaul’s excellent site on Transmogrification
  2. The Hatchery –  Jim Younkin’s Powerword Gold site.
  3. The Overcut – Farli’s site on all things leather in Transmogrification

Marcus Ty writes extensively on all aspects of World of Warcraft. His latest project is the Journal of Marcus Ty – Gold Making Guide. You can follow Marcus on Twitter @MarcusTy and #AuctionHouseSecrets for more hints and tips on making gold in Azeroth.

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