Transmogrification Gold Guide – Cloth Ideas

Mage In Cloth Transmog GearI was hanging out in the Stormwind Auction House this week when this Mage walked in. I recognized the player because she constantly undercuts me across many of my markets!

As always she was impeccably kitted out in cloth – as befits a Mage – but had cleverly transmogrified her gear to create a unique look. It got me to thinking about the ways some players make use of cloth in transmogrification.

Now, most of the players I’ve tweeted about transmogrification tell me that it can be hard to make gold from flipping this type of gear. I’ve had some success, but only on selected items. When looking for transmog gear to flip it’s best to get inspiration from other players – as in this case.

In the example shown the Mage was wearing the following gear:

  • Boots – transmogrified to Red Woolen Boots
  • Legs – transmogrified to Cindercloth Pants
  • Chest – transmogrified to Corsair’s Overshirt
  • Head – transmogrified to White Bandit Mask
  • Shoulder – transmogrified to Primal Mooncloth Shoulders
  • Hands – Mnimiopsis Gloves (unchanged)
  • Waist – Beauty’s Silken Ribbon (unchanged)

This style should give you some ideas of the type of gear some players are looking for when it comes to Transmog Cloth. Many of these items are easily obtained from scans of the Auction House or crafted by canny Tailors with the right patterns. Here are a few examples:

Red Woolen Boots

Tailors can craft this at experience of 95 if they have the pattern which is commonly fished or dropped in the lower levels.

Cindercloth Pants

These can also be crafted by Tailors from a pattern at experience level 280 and dropped from mobs of the Burning Steppes. For those that don’t have the pattern then the transmog set Mageweave Regalia should provide you with the right look.

Corsair’s Overshirt

This piece is the same model from the transmog set Buccaneer’s Regalia, but Tailors can substitute the look with the easily crafted Red Swashbucker’s Shirt.

White Bandit Mask

Crafted by Tailors if they have the pattern. Snap it up if it comes up on the Auction House.

Primal Mooncloth Shoulders

Tailors can craft these at an experience level of 365. The pattern is obtain from the Tailoring vendors Ainderu Summerleaf (Dalaran) and Nasmara Moonsong (Shattrath City).

I hope this has given you some ideas for your cloth transmogrification look and some items to add to your Auction House Shopping List.

For further tips on making gold with transmogrification then make sure you read my article Making Gold with Transmogrification.

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