Uldum Gold Farming Guide

Uldum Gold Farming GuideWhile my main character on Warcraft has long been a Herbalist and Alchemist, I’ve forsaken the toil of farming basic herbs long ago, preferring to trade for them in the Auction House. But when the price of herbs rises above my base threshold for crafting Potions and Flasks with any sort of profit, I’m forced to leave the comfort of the Auction House and to start farming.

It’s Legal Gold Farming

Now when I talk about gold farming on this blog I’m referring to the basic techniques used by most reputable players to gather and grind basic mats for trading on the Auction House. It’s not the quickest way to make gold in World of Warcraft, but armed with a little  knowledge of some of the prime gold farming locations, it can provide a steady stream of gold for those players that can afford the extra time.

Gather Herbs for Gold

One of the prime gold farming locations for my Herbalist come Alchemist in Cataclysm is Uldum. For the Herbalist, Uldum is the place to farm for the Cataclysm herbs of Whiptail and Cinderbloom. Whiptail can be found all along the banks of the deltas and is readily accessible with any flying mount; Cinderbloom is a little more difficult to gather as its scattered mostly across the northern desert areas. Thirty minutes or so should yield a player 4-5 stacks of each herb plus a few stacks of Volatile life which, as every herbalist knows, drops with the gathering of herbs.

Fishing for Volatile Water

Now the beauty of farming in Uldum is that with a little extra effort a player can farm additional trading materials such as Volatile Water by fishing the numerous pools of Blackbelly Mudfish. The Blackbelly Mudfish are also a valuable commodity as they are used in the cooking recipe (+500)  Blackbelly Sushi and Mushroom Sauce Mudfish (yum).

Crocolisk Au-Gratin, Sir?

Players farming for Whiptail all along the delta will also have the opportunity to farm the numerous Crocolisks that guard them, obtaining a stack or two of Crocolisk tails in the process. Crocolisk tails are a good seller on the Auction House as they are required for the cooking recipes (+500) Beer-Basted Crocolisk and Crocolisk Au-Gratin.

Transmute Living Elements

Why still in Uldum, my Alchemist has one more trick up his sleeve. By performing the transmutation – Transmute Living Elements –  15 Volatile Life can be turned into 15+ Volatile Air making a sizable profit to boot. This type of transmutation normally results in a random volatile product, but if performed in Uldum it always produces Volatile Air.

Show Me The Money

Even if you have spent just an hour in Uldum and traded the raw material from your farming, you will have made a healthy profit and gained some healthy experience into the bargain.

Material Est. Value
Whiptail 305g
Cinderbloom 245g
Volatile Life 322g
Blackbelly Mudfish 100g
Crocolisk Tails 140g
Volatile Air 205g
Less 15 Volatile Life -80g
Total 1,237g

Crafting for Additional Profit

Players can increase their profit on farmed material by crafting them into more valuable items. In the case of my Alchemist, the Whiptail and Cinderbloom can be used in part to create Potion of Treasure Finding which sells for around 110g on my server and costs approximately 70g to craft if all herbs are bought from the Auction House. By deducting the cost of Whiptail and Cinderbloom, this potion now costs 30g to craft which greatly increases my profit.

Amberjewel Shuffle

One gold making strategy that I like to use is the transmutation of Alicite uncommon gems to rare Amberjewel gems. I obtain prospected Alicite from my JC alt and export back the Amberjewel gems for the crafting of cheap Vicious Amberjewel bands and Pendants which are sold for a huge profit. However, this type of ‘shuffle’ is only possible if you have a sufficiently skilled second or third alt.

In Summary

Uldum is a great place for occasional gold farmer, especially if you have a Herbalist and Alchemist combination of professions. The abundance of easily farmed Whiptail and Cinderbloom will keep players coming back. It’s easy to farm cooking meats from the numerous Crocolisks that reside along the river delta and from fishing  the many pools of Blackbelly Mudfish. The pools also provide you with the opportunity to farm Volatile Water. The wide variety of material farmed in this region should make players in excess of 1000g per hour and much more if additional items are crafted from the farmed material.

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