Making Gold in Draenor – Selling the Jawless Skulker

Journal of Marcus Ty Warlords Edition
Journal of Marcus Ty
Warlords Edition


If you follow me on Twitter (@MarcusTy) or my Facebook page, you’ll know that I’m now several weeks into my gold making in the new Warlords of Draenor expansion.  Having reached level 96 at a leisurely pace, my garrison has risen to level 2 and I’ve an assortment of garrison buildings that are turning me a nice profit. On my way to level 92, I  gained access to a garrison fishing shack and its here that I found there’s a profit to be made from one of the garrison quests.

For those of you who love to hang out around shady pools, then there’s a ton of gold to be made from fishing in Draenor. As in previous expansions, players need fish for cooking, alchemy and various quests. In Draenor, you also have the additional chore of having to ‘clean and gut’ your fish to obtain its flesh.

Now, one of the  daily quests that you can perform upon building a fishing shack in your garrison is ‘Jawless Skulker’ which requires 10 Jawless Skulker eggs to replenish the garrison pond. This fish is plentiful in the pools of Gorgrond. Depending on your fishing skill, and whether you have attached ‘Jawless Skulker Bait’, you’ll catch either small, regular or enormous types of these fish all over Gorgrond. In fact if you have the right bait, you’ll fish them up from your garrison pond!

Cleaning and gutting the fish in these numbers will yield both flesh and eggs:

20 x small Jawless Skulker
10 x Jawless Skulker
5   x Enormous Jawless Skulker

Now, if you are a fanatical fisherman, or simply like to watch your bobber – well, bob! Then head over to Gorgrond and start fishing. For us gold makers, head over to the Auction House instead and buy up cheap (below market price) stacks of Enormous Jawless Skulker. Gut and clean in stacks of 5 to obtain approx. 17 eggs(1 x 5 stack is normally not enough). You’ll also get an amount of Jawless Skulker flesh. You can now hand in your 10 eggs to complete the fishing daily. No fishing required!

Note: You’ll only get the eggs if you have obtained the quest!

If , like me, you’re thinking there’s a profit to be made in this, you’re right! I’ve been buying up cheap (below market price) enormous varieties of Draenor fish and selling them in stacks of 5 for above market price for a good profit (there are 6 daily quests of a similar type, each requiring 10 eggs). I’ve also been selling the flesh in stacks of 5 or 10 and any remaining eggs from the quests.

Jawless Skulker Flesh
Jawless Skulker Flesh

On my server the enormous variety of fish are the most profitable, compared with their smaller variety.

There’s a ton of gold to be made in the Warlords of Draenor expansion. Follow me on twitter or visit my Facebook page for more hints and tips. I’ll soon be releasing a brand new Draenor edition of my gold making guide with a free update for those players who have bought my previous editions. So watch this space.

Marcus Ty