World of Warcraft Cooking – Introduction

Marogg Infantry CookWhen I first started playing World of Warcraft as a Mage in my early levels, I ignored the profession of cooking, thinking it to be a boring and menial task for an aspiring heroic type, like myself. Instead, I focused all my energies – and Mana – on my daily grind for cheap wow gold and hanging out with guild friends in the Pig & Whistle (Stormwind).

It’s not that I thought wow cooking was hard or mysterious, it’s just that I never appreciated the many advantageous that cooking can provide – even for a Mage. After all, why to learn cook when I could simple conjure up a tasty cinnamon roll?

Learning to cook from an early level can have many advantages – especially for those classes that cannot create their own food. By having a handy supply of high energy nosh in your old kit bag you’ll spend less time healing and reduce the downtime between grinding sessions enabling you to grind for longer, increasing your hourly rate of gold production as a result.
Cooking also has the advantage of adding buffs to food in the form of additional stamina and spirit, provided you stay seated for at least 10 seconds while eating. These buffs increase in value and longevity the higher the cooking skill you reach and the range of exotic food that you’ll be able to cook; this is in addition to the amount of health per second the food supplies.

This fact was taught to me by my old friend Stephen Ryback who is also the cook at the Pig and Whistle, Stormwind.  In between practicing with his throwing knives (makes me think he wasn’t always a cook), Stephen will also show you how to cook a mean ‘Spider Sausage’ and a lean ‘Coyote Steak’. The steak  only requires a cooking skill of 50 and restores 243 health over 21 seconds; in addition, you’ll receive a buff of plus 4 stamina and spirit. The sausage, on the other hand, requires you to have a cooking skill of 200 and restores 1392 health over 30 seconds in addition to a buff of plus 12 stamina and spirit lasting 15 minutes.
Stephen is one of the many cooking trainers that you’ll find in every major city; but coming by cooking recipes is another matter. While many of the trainers will also supply a limited number of common recipes, you’ll find many exotic and hard-to-find recipes located all over Azeroth, sold by a wide variety of vendors – not just cooks.

Recipes are also supplied as rewards for quests and these can be a useful way to help you grind and level your cooking skill at the same time. An example is the quest for Thelsamar Blood Sausages obtained from Vidra Hearthstove at Loch Modan. The reward is of course the recipe for Blood Sausage (Cooking 60, Health 243, Stamina +4, Spirit +4). As you travel around the Loch you can’t help run into all the necessary wildlife necessary for the quest.

But if you’re really stuck for a recipe then why not head back to the Pig & Whistle, Stormwind. There you’ll find the famous Kendor Kabonka, Master of Cooking Recipes. Kendor sells around 13 recipes – many of which are also supplied as quest rewards such as the recipe for ‘Westfall Stew’ and Redbridge Goulash.

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