WoW Gold Guide

Gold WarriorWelcome Friend,

You have chanced upon the WoW Gold Guide and Blog of Marcus Ty, Alliance Mage of Stormwind and servant to the Earthen Ring. In this journal you will find the latest incarnation of my writing on the newest edition of World of Warcraft and the art and craft of making gold.

It’s been over five years since I first ventured into the World of Warcraft and much has changed in Azeroth, Outlands and the frozen lands of Northrend. The great power that was the Wrath of the Lich King is diminishing and his time is at hand. But even as the heroes of both Horde and Alliance gather at the gates of the Ice Crown Citadel the very earth beneath Azeroth trembles in anticipation of a new and greater peril.

Some speak of a Cataclysm!

So, Friend, the World of Warcraft has changed forever and the shadow of Deathwing blackens the sky. The heroes of Azeroth need gold to do battle: gold for epic mounts, gold for potions and enchants, and gold for epic gear.

And so read on, Friend, for time is short. Seek out the latest entries in these pages so that you too can prepare and not fall short when Azeroth begins to tremble for the very last time.

Marcus Ty