Making World of Warcraft Gold By The Sea Shore


When it comes to making wow gold at the lower levels, location can be everything. No matter if you’re Alliance or Horde, where you quest and your journey through the land of Azeroth can present you with some great gold making opportunities. This was the theme that we explored over at the JMT Podcast Epsiode 19 where Nev and I packed our bucket and spade and left the cozy tavern of the Pig and Whistle (Stormwind) and headed down to the seashore for some low level gold making.

Starting Out

It can be hard to make gold when you first start playing World of Warcraft. Not that the techniques of gold making are especially difficult, it’s just that many players in their early levels struggle to understand the basic mechanics of the wow gold economy and are slow to build their initial seed capital, needed to exploit the gold making potential of the Auction House. But there are gold making opportunities throughout the land of Azeroth, even if you’re only a level 10 player. You just have to put your gold-making brain into gear (the best addon in the game) and ask yourself a few basic questions:

  • Do the mobs in this location drop profitable items?
  • Do these mobs spawn rapidly?
  • Can surplus quest items be sold on the Auction House?
  • Are there secondary mobs to grind that drop valuable items?
  • What can I Mine, Gather, Fish and Skin in this location?

A good example are the many quests that lead you to the seashore.

Gold Making By The Seashore

Sooner or later, players in their early levels start to quest by the seashore. This type of location is awash with gold making opportunities – providing you know what to look out for. A good example of this type of location is Westfall, although any similar location in Kalimdor will play the same.

Westfall has a very long shoreline called, unsurprisingly, the Longshore. The shoreline is teaming with mobs found typically in these locations such as Murlocs and Shore Crawlers (Crabs). Now here’s the thing:

Nearly all mobs along the sea shore drop some form of clam and clams can be very profitable.

 Make Gold With Clams

Clam Meat Pearl
Small Barnacled Clam Clam Meat Small Lustrous Pearl
Thick-Shelled Clam Tangy Clam Meat Iridescent Pearl
Big-Mouth Clam Zesty Clam Meat Black Pearl, Golden Pearl
Jaggal Clam Jaggal Clam Meat Jaggal Pearl, Shadow Pearl
Brooding Darkwater Clam Succulent Clam Meat Northsea Pearl, Siren’s Tear
Abyssal Clam Blood Shrimp Darkfathom Pearl (Junk)

Clams are profitable because their Meats are used in a wide variety of Cooking recipes and because they contain valuable pearls. The clams that drop at this level (lvl 10-20) are Small Barnacled Clams which, when opened, contain Clam Meat and Small Lustrous Pearls, both of which are in demand on the Auction House and can be sold for a good profit.

Players questing at this location will probably be grinding the Murlocs which will drop clams; but, the Shore Crawlers spawn at an incredible rate and drop valuable Meats – in addition to clams – such as Crawler Meat and Crawler Claws. The Crawler Meat is used to in Cooking to make, unsurprisingly, Crab Cakes and the Crawler Claws used in the recipe for Cooked Crab Claw.

Tip: Seek out Kendor Kabonka in the Pig and Whistle, Stormwind for this recipe.

Now of course the great advantage of questing by the seashore is the great fishing. Love it or hate it, the secondary profession of Fishing provides you wish some great gold making opportunities. By the Longshore you’ll find many pools of the fish Oily Blackmouth which are in demand from the Alchemists for the reagent Blackmouth Oil. Also, look out for floating wreckage. When fishing in the wreckage there is the chance of bonus catches of loot.

If you’re a Herbalist, then you might try your luck at gathering Stranglekelp which is normally found under the water, not far from the shoreline, but in the case of Westfall it might be slim pickings.

So, Friend. The next time you find yourself questing by the seashore, take time to survey the gold making opportunities that run, crawl and swim along the shoreline.