Post Patch 5.3 Blues

Primal Diamond
Primal Diamond

I received a great deal of feedback from my last post and podcast on the topic of making gold in the new Patch 5.3-Escalation. Many players complained that many of their gold making techniques that had shown a profit pre-patch 5.3 no longer worked as well post-patch 5.3. A case of Post Patch Blues, perhaps or did the WoW Gold Economy drastically change? In this post I’ll try to add some perspective to these comments and try to guide players to new gold making markets.

In my last post and on my Podcast – The Journal of Marcus Ty Episode 06 – I mentioned that patch releases are more tweaks to the game, rather than big upheavals, so as gold makers we shouldn’t see a great deal of change to the WoW Gold Economy. Sure, there’s going to be slight variations in markets, but nothing that would throw the economy out of kilter for any length of time. We didn’t, for example, see changes to any of the major cooldowns – Living Steel, Sha Crystals, Magnificence of Leather – or changes to major materials like Mote of Harmony. Instead, Blizzard made changes to the stats on PvP gear which seems to have caught many players off guard and sent their gold making markets into a spin.

Narrow Focus

Players reading my last post all complained that their previous sales of gems with stats of PvP Resilience and PvP Power all tanked and ‘nothing worked’. I had a similar experience with these gem cuts and enchants, but as mentioned previously, cuts of gem with basic stats of Strength, Agility, Stamina, Intellect, Critical Strike and Expertise took off and continue to do well. Here is a summary of what continues to sell well on my server.

Best Selling Gem Cuts Post-Patch 5.3-Escalation
Gem Cut Attribute
Delicate Primoridal Ruby +160 Agility
Brilliant Primoridal Ruby +160 Intellect
Sparkling River’s Heart +320 Spirit
Stormy River’s Heart +160 PvP Power
Solid River’s Heart +240 Stamina
Guardian’s Imperial Amythyst +160 Expertize, +120 Stamina
Veiled Imperial Amythyst +80 Intellect, +160 Hit
Deadly Vermillion Onyx +80 Agility +160 Critical Strike
Smooth Sun’s Radiance +320 Critical Strike
Piercing Wild Jade +160 Critical Strike, +160 Hit

The exception to my gem cuts was Stormy River’s Heart which pre-patch 5.3 was down to 7-8g per item. I thought this too low and bought up all gems on the Auction house and re-posted them for 80-90g an item post-patch 5.3. I sold most of my snatched gems at the price I wanted and made a great profit. The reminder I have off-loaded onto the market at between 30-40g an item. Still a profit but these cuts are no longer great sellers.

For those players that are still having trouble selling their gem cuts I would suggest going to the The Undermine Journal and looking at the prices of the gem cuts on your server. Alternatively, try the site WoW Popular which will steer you towards the more popular cuts of gem. When it comes to Jewelcrafting, it helps not to be too narrow with respect to the items you sell. Mix it up a bit and try to home in on what’s in demand on your server.

Uncut Gems

My Jewelcrafter continues to do a roaring trade in all uncut gems on my server, both Uncommon and Rare types. Demand remain high and above market price compared with pre-patch levels. Because Uncut, Uncommon Pandarian gems are in demand on my server I’m having to prospect for them. This would normally be expensive if using Ghost Iron Ore, but as I mentioned in the JMT Podcast – Episode 06, I’m buying up very cheap stacks of Kyparite. It seems that folks are content to dump this ore on my server without giving much thought to prospecting.

I rarely prospect ore these days – Times Money, Friend – but I make the exception with Kyparite. As long as folks keep dumping, I’ll keep prospecting. The Uncut Uncommon gems are then sent to my Alchemist who transmutes them into Uncut Rare gems and sends them back to my JC. As long as I can get hold of cheap or market price Golden Lotus, this remains a valid strategy, making me 50-100g profit per gem.

Primal Diamond

But my best seller has to be the Primal Diamond. Again my Alchemist transmutes a combination of 6 Rare Pandarian gems to make one Primal Diamond. This costs on average 300 gold. These sell on average for 450-550g an item, making me a great profit.


If you’re new to making gold in World of Warcraft then it can be unsettling when old and familiar markets shift with the release of  a new patch. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and continue on the same old routine. All markets change over time and some disappear forever, but as gold makers we have to be on guard and continually adapt our gold making strategies to the subtle changes in demand that comes with every new patch. Reduce your risk to these changes by being active in more than one market and always look for ways to reduce your cost of materials.

Here’s wishing you more gold in ya bags!


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