Where to Farm Gold in Cataclysm

There are many places in Cataclysm to farm gold, but one of my favorite places is Uldum. Now, I should add that I rarely farm wow gold these days – that is, I don’t endlessly grind mobs or gather ore, herbs or hide – but the wow auction house was bare of most mats so I headed over to the land of river deltas and sand.

Farm With a Purpose

Now on those occasions that I gold farm in Warcraft, I normally farm with a purpose. In Uldum, I’m mainly farming the herbs of Whiptail and Cinderbloom for my Herbalist come Alchemist. Whiptail can be found growing all along delta, whereas Cinderbloom is randomly sprinkled across the northern desert region. Both herbs are always good sellers on my server and I can usually make good gold from the stacks I gather. But I’m really after the herbs for potions, flasks and transmutation which normally provide me with a greater profit. Read my article Uldum Gold Farming for more detail.

If your chosen profession is Mining, then you’ll find an abundance of Elementium Ore in the Northern mountain range with a sprinkling of Pyrite nodes. Mining is probably the best profession for drops of Volatile Air, Water and Fire when mining the ore.

If your chosen profession is Skinning, then you’ll find numerous spawning Crocolisks all the banks of the delta for Savage Leather and the occasional Strange Bloated Stomach, containing a random assortment of volatile elements. The Crocolisks will also provide drops of Crocolisk Tail, used in some sought after cooking recipes.

Gone Fishing

Love it or hate it, Fishing is a good money spinner in WoW. One of the things to notice if farming for Crocolisks or Whiptail are the numerous fishing pools of Blackbelly Mudfish all along the delta. With patient, you’ll be able to fish a stack or two of Mudfish and in the process drops of Volatile Water.

In summary, every zone in Cataclysm provides gold farming opportunities and players should use all their professions to grind and farm the available material in each zone. As an example, Uldum provides the herbs of Whiptail and Cinderbloom, but theirs opportunity to fish for Volatile Water and grind the Crocrolisks for their meat. For more detail, read my article Uldum Gold Farming on how my Alchemists turns gathered Whiptail into greater profit.


Marcus Ty