Auctioneer Suite 5.9 Available

If like me you’re a big fan of the Auctioneer addon, you’ll be glad to hear that the team at Norganna have now released version 5.9 which is fully compatible with patch 4.x.

Dubbed the Whacky Wallaby, the Auctioneer Suite of Auction House addons brings together a number of tightly integrated functions to manage your auctions in a highly efficient manner. Auctioneer includes all the basic functions to scan the Auction House and price items efficiently for posting.

Players that need to upgrade this addon should read the pages on the Auctioneer site http://Wiki.Norganna.Org/Installing. Given the large number of changes to the suite Norganna recommends a complete reinstall of the addon.


Marcus Ty – Mage of Stormwind and Servant to the Kirin Tor

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