WoW Auction House Secrets – Trade Frequently

Auction House SecretsIf I had to name one of my top five gold secrets it would be: ‘Trade a little every day – or at least every playing session’. For most new players struggling to make wow gold, a reluctance to trade – even a little – is often the reason for their poor gold wealth in World of Warcraft.

If you are new to World of Warcraft then you must seek out the Auction House and learn to trade. The best way to do this is to use the Auction House every playing session. You’ll be surprised at what sells and how quickly.

But there are many distractions, both in the real world and in Warcraft. Time is the enemy.

And as the goblin say: ‘Time is money, Friend’.

In the real world it’s work, work, work. Many players scrape by on an hour of Warcraft here and there or maybe a little longer at the weekend. Then it’s off to the raid or a dungeon before bedtime, or simply hanging out in the Pig & Whistle with your mates.

Now I’m not saying that all of a players time should be spent in the Auction House; just the first fifteen minutes or so at the start of the playing session or at the end. Enough time to list some gear and to trade a little in preparation for the next session. Develop a routine of buying and selling.

Now, I may not trade every day, but I do have an established routine of buying and selling on the Auction House every playing session:

  1. Empty my mailbox – typically around 5-10k gold and expired auctions.
  2. Visit the Auction House and perform a scan of all goods to update pricing
  3. Cancel certain items that have been undercut and re-list them
  4. Snatch undervalued items and re-list them
  5. List items traded or crafted from previous sessions or stored in the bank

Your aim with your daily routine is to keep a supply of gold coming in to your mailbox, enough for your playing needs and for the occasional beer at Brewfest.


Marcus Ty

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