Waiting For Mists of Pandaria

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There’s a lull of activity in the World of Warcraft. Hostilities between Horde and Alliance have run their course and the history of Deathwing has been diminished to footnote in my Journal.

Azeroth is waiting.

This is the lull before the coming storm that will pitch Horde and Alliance onto the shores of a new adventure in the latest expansion of the Warcraft series called the Mists of Pandaria.

Now as a long time player of World of Warcraft the one certainty that I can predict about the game is that the need for gold in the new expansion will be greater than the last. It’s the way of things. I can bore the pants off you with tales of gold inflation in the wow economy, but take it from me, you’ll need to fill your bags with gold on a daily basis to get you from level 85 to the new MoP level 90 in a reasonable time. But there are plenty of things that you can do in the current lull to benefit your gold making now and in the future MoP expansion.

Hone Your Auction House Skills

The one constant throughout all the expansions of World of Warcraft is the need to trade. The buying and selling of items on the Auction House by players is what keeps gold moving through the wow economy. Take advantage of the current lull in wow to hone your Auction House skills. If your trading is a little rusty, read my article on 5 Goblin Principles of Auction House Trading.

Learn the Advanced features of your Addon

I use very few addons in my game but there are two I consider essential to help with my daily gold making routine:

  • Auctioneer
  • Postal

Auctioneer has been my preferred Auction House addon for many years. It’s been consistently maintained by its developers and contains lots of advanced features that can make players a ton of gold – providing they have the time and knowledge to exploit them.
Take advantage of the lull and learn some of the advanced features of Auctioneer. If you struggle with some of the advanced filters and searchers, then you might want to try my Auction House Secrets guide.

Postal is a nifty little addon used my many players to help with the daily collecting and posting of mail. Life without this addon was a chore. Go get it!

Level Your Professions

Take this opportunity to max out as many professions as you can. The more professions you have at Illustrious Grand Master the more gold making opportunities will be open to you. This will mean leveling additional alts to learn and advance new professions. You’ll also be able to exploit the ability to ‘shuffle’ material between alts with different professions. An example would be an alt with Jewelcrafting shuffling rings and neck pieces to an alt with Enchanting for DE to dusts and essences. If you are unfamiliar with this type of strategy then read my post Enchanting for Profit.

Continue to Level Your Alts

To reach Illustrious Grand Master of a given profession, a player must have reached at least level 75. But don’t stop there. You’ll need to get to at least level 80 before you can start to utilise material from the MoP. To survive in the MoP, you’ll need to be close to level 85.

Don’t Forget the Secondary Professions

In particular, don’t forget the secondary professions of Cooking and Fishing. I predict both will be big money spinners in the MoP expansion. Use this time to max out these professions it you can. There is still a ton of gold to be made from cooking. Read my post on World of Warcraft Cooking.

Learn to Trade Pets

If I had to give a gold making tip to both new and experienced players it would be to learn to trade pets. Many of the professions can now trade pets, but Engineers have this market cornered. The pet battle system in MoP will create a huge demand in crafted and non-crafted companions. Learn how to trade pets in the article The Trading of Pets.

In Summary

Don’t hang around the Pig & Whistle or the Darkmoon Faire during this time between expansions. Get out and practice these key gold making skills:

  • Hone Your Auction House Skills
  • Learn Advance Auctioneer Features
  • Level Your Professions
  • Continue To Level Your Alts
  • Level Cooking and Fishing
  • Learn The Trading of Pets

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