Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast – Episode 18

Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast

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Welcome to episode eighteen of the Marcus Ty series of gold making podcast. In this episode your host, Marcus Ty, and Nev of the Blog Auction House Addict, go back in time and contemplate their long history in World of Warcraft.

To coincide with the 50th anniversary of Dr who and to celebrate the 9th anniversary of Warcraft Marcus transforms the Pig and Whistle studio into a Tardis and transports himself and Nev back to the year 2005 and WoWs beginnings.

Marcus shares his thoughts on gold making in 2005 and what keeps him playing after all these years.

This podcast was recorded on Saturday, 23rd of November 2013.

[MP3] Episode 18 – Who’s Who.
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Show Notes

  • Welcome to the Pig and Whistle.
  • Anniversary time.
  • No women in Draenor
  • Stepping back in time
  • The Auction House in 2005
  • Why Marcus still plays Warcraft

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

  • Contact Marcus Ty on Twitter @MarcusTy
  • Contact Nev on Twitter @NevAHaddict
  • Nev’s Blog Auction House Addict
  • Email Marcus at
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