Enchanting For Profit – Reducing Competition

Greater Cosmic Essence SalesI’ve been hanging out in the Pig & Whistle of late, waiting for Blizzard to fix the Mac MoP Beta problem they created with their latest patch. After downloading approximately 19GB of data, it turns out that the latest build was not compatible with Mac version 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard). While waiting for the next patch I decided to take another looking at Enchanting on my server to see if I could squeeze more gold out of this market.

Enchanting For Profit

You may remember from my last post – Enchanting For Profit – I described the basic ways you can make gold with this profession: either craft profitable enchanting scrolls or be a net supplier of enchanting material to the market. I described the basic techniques of the two strategies in the post.

Avoid Competition

Taking a look at the Enchanting market on my server this week I noticed that the competition for many scrolls had heated up. Players had decided to enter into a cut-price war, squeezing the profit out of many of the more popular scrolls. In this situation, I normally try to avoid such wars (who’s got the time) and look for strategies that reduce competition in the market and yet still provide a profit. Given all the activity with players crafting scrolls, I decided to look at the prices of some of the more popular dusts and essences and thought it would be better to become a net supplier of these mats to the market.

Make Em and Break Em

As before I turned to The Undermine Journal and surveyed the prices of those dusts and essences that were peeking in demand. As is often the case, this turned out to be Infinite Dust and it’s partner Greater Cosmic Essence (GCE). I described some of the basic ways to ‘gather’ these mats from the Auction House and by crafting in the previous post.

However, during my survey of the enchanting market this week I noticed that some mats were out of kilter which could provide me with a profit. To understand this, I must first explain a basic goblin principle of gold making called ‘Make em and Break em’. Simply put, certain mats can be broken up or combined for a greater profit than the original item.

Abyss Shatter

In this example I noticed that stacks of Abyss Crystals where being sold below the market price of their constituent material when ‘shattered’ (possible at enchanting 445) : Infinite Dust and Greater Cosmic Essence. By gobbling up cheap Abyss Crystals and shattering them into more expensive Infinite Dust and Greater Cosmic Essence I would make a good profit with little or no competition.

Hidden Profit in Conversions

The globlin principle of Make em and Break em can be used across a wide range of material and is a form of arbitrage between the various forms. I describe many such strategies in my Auction House Secrets series of gold making guides. These type of conversions are a great way to unlock hidden profits of the Auction House and helps you avoid competition when it surfaces on your server.

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