How to Make More Profit From Your Gold Making Markets

JMT Professions Guide
JMT Professions Guide

I’ve always said that the Professions are the powerhouse of the Warcraft economy and crafting items to sell on the Auction House is a great way to make World of Warcraft gold. But competition can be fierce and to be successful with this gold making strategy, players need to carefully research all aspects of the market for the items they are trying to sell to ensure they can compete on price while still maximising their profit.

As an example, let’s look at the Profession of Alchemy and the selling of Living Steel. Those of you with this profession will know that Living Steel is a transmutation item with a 24 hr cool-down. This helps create demand for the material which is widely used in many of the other Professions. However, price competition can be fierce on most servers so it helps to be able to craft this material as cheaply as possible to maintain a reasonably profit.

So how many ways are there to craft Living Steel?

Normally, it takes the transmutation of 6 Trillium bars to create 1 Living steel (Ignoring the method using Spirit of Harmony):

1. 6 x Trillium Bar -> Living Steel

But an Alchemist also has the option to transmute Ghost Iron Bars to Trillium:

2. 60x Ghost Iron Bar -> 6 x Trillium Bar -> Living Steel

Now, if you have the Mining you have the option to smelt Ghost Iron Ore to Ghost Iron Bars:

3. 120 Ghost Iron Ore -> 60 x Ghost Iron Bar -> 6 x Trillium Bar -> Living Steel

But Miners will know that they can smelt Trillium Ore to Trillium Bars:

4. 12x White Trillium Ore + 12 x White Trillium Ore -> 6 x Trillium Bar

Summary of Living Steel Crafting Options

Material Quantity Market Price Crafting Price Profit
Ghost Iron Ore 120 2.3 276 74
Ghost Iron Bar 60 4.3 258 92
Trillium Ore 24 7.5 180 170
Trillium Bar 6 40 240 110
Living Steel 1 350 350 0

*All pricing are in gold (g). The pricing of Trillium Ore is an average of Black and White.

From the table above you can see that the crafting path to Living Steel is cheaper if you are able to utilise both Mining and Alchemy and by comparing the market pricing for all possible combinations of crafting material. It highlights the power of having complimentary professions (what, you didn’t think Alchemy and Mining were complimentary?).

If you think this is an isolated example you would be wrong. There are many more examples hidden in the crafting tomes of the Professions. Start digging and you’ll find more. Alternatively, save some time and invest in The Journal of Marcus Ty, Gold Making Guide and obtain the complete guide to making gold with the Professions.

As I’ve always said: ‘The Professions are the powerhouse of the Warcraft economy’. But they’re also the key to making a great profit.


JMT Professions Guide
JMT Professions Guide