Making Gold With Alchemy In Warlords

Draenic Philosopher's Stones
Draenic Philosopher’s Stones

As we start the run-up to Legion, many players are looking to top-up their gold stash to enable them to get off to a good start when the new game is released in September or to buy themselves more game time with the purchase of a WoW Token. Over the many years of playing Warcraft, I’ve always had an Alchemist or two in my army of alts to help me make gold across all the major expansions, and Legion will be no exception. In this article I’ll show you how I’ve been making gold with Alchemy towards the end of WoD.


Potions, Elixirs and Flasks

Potions, Elixirs and Flasks are the mainstay of gold making for any alchemist.  They are classed as a consumables, which means that players will keep coming back for more, resulting in steady a demand. Potions, Elixirs and Flasks of the current expansion are normally the most popular, but don’t forget items from previous expansions, such as Potion of Luck and Potion of Treasure Finding that are still popular and which sell at a premium.

Alchemy Popular Potions and Flasks in Warlords
Popular Potions and Flasks


Transmute and Prosper!

Transmutation provides another revenue stream for the Alchemist. A popular transmute in Warlords is Savage Blood which requires 50 Alchemical Catalyst and 7 Crescent Oil. However, the price of blood has dropped so much over the past few months that it is no longer profitable to craft.

Instead, I’ve been been buying up Alchemical Catalyst below market price and using it to transmute Sorcerous Air to Sorcerous Earth. Sorcerous Air on my server sells for below 40-50s per item, while Sorcerous Earth sells for between 4g – 8g per item on my server. Providing you can source cheap Alchemical Catalyst, there is great profit to be made from this transmutation.

Sorcerous Earth
Popular Elemental Material by Volume


Source Cheap Material

Making gold with Alchemy depends on your ability to source cheap material on your server. I’ve been buying  items like Alchemical Catalyst in bulk for around 1g 50s per item and flipping it at market price for 4g per item as well as using it for my transmutes. The same goes for the sourcing of cheap Herbs for the crafting of consumables. It’s here that addons like Tradeskillmaster (TSM) can be a great help by setting up shopping lists and regularly scanning the Auction House for cheap items.

Most profitable items to sell (Dark Blue) by volume (area)


Don’t Forget To Vendor Items

One last tip for any Alchemist in WoD is the crafting of Draenic Philosopher’s Stone. These items are BoP so can’t be traded on the Auction House; however, they can be vendored. Providing you can source cheap material for their crafting (5 x Alchemical Catalyst 1 x True Iron Ore) then you can make a profit.

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