Nat Pagle Fishing Legend

Nat PagleIf you’re serious about fishing in World of Warcraft, then eventually you’ll come across the NPC Nat Pagle. Walk into any bar in Stormwind with a fishing pole and in your hand and you’ll hear fellow anglers murmur his name. Truly, Nat Pagle is a legend in his own pond.

So, who is Nat Pagle and why should you get to know¬† this NPC? In this short post I’ll give you some of the history behind this fishing aficionado and explain how you can profit from getting to know him a little better.

Who is Nat Pagle

As a Mage in my early levels I had heard of Nat Pagle. He hung out on a dock in Dustwallow Marsh on his own little Island, due west of Theramore’s piers. Nat was responsible for providing the quest ‘Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme’, required to advance your fishing experience to Artisan Fishing. As of patch 3.1 onwards this quest is no longer needed to advance Fishing experience, however, you can still find Nat hanging out in Dustwallow Marsh (as of patch 5.4) where he’ll give you the same quest with the reward Nat’s Lucky Fishing Pole (Skill bonus: +25, Experience required: 225).

Roll the sands of time forward and we can now find Nat hanging out at the Angler’s Wharf, in the Krasarang Wilds, blissfully playing with his pole under the shade of a huge parasol. It’s at this location that you can now befriend Nat, similar to the NPCs of the Tiller Faction. Gaining ‘friendship’ with Nat earns you: Stranger, Pal, Buddy, Friend, Good Friend, and Best Friend status.

Earning Nat’s Friendship

Increasing ‘friendship’ with Nat is fairly easy: just hand in any of the three fish below:

Fish Primary Location
Flying Tiger Gourami Krasarang Wilds, Jade Forest
Mimic Octopus Krasarang Wilds, Jade Forest
Spinefish Alpha Kun-Lai Summit


You’ll catch these fish relatively easily – especially if fishing ‘Fish of the Day’, the location of which is obtained from Ben of the Booming Voice.

Nat’s Goodies

Now, while Nat acts as the Anglers Quartermaster, it should be noted that friendship status is not linked with this faction’s reputation, although handing in one of Nat’s fish will increase your rep with this faction. Increasing your friendship with Nat allows you access to some of his goodies, notably:

The nice thing about Nat’s Hat is that it adds +5 to your fishing skill and can be ‘used’ to add an additional 150 fishing lure to your pole.

Nat’s Fishing Journal is also very handy if you have a number of alts with the secondary profession of Fishing, adding +50 experience up to a maximum of 600.

So, the next time you happen to be fishing down Krasarang Wilds, seek out Nat Pagle and become his friend.