Legion Gold Making Preparations – Secondary Professions

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Legion Gold Making
Legion Gold Making

With just a few more weeks before the launch of Legion, I’m busily preparing my alts for the new Warcraft expansion. In this latest post I’ll explore the Secondary professions of Cooking, Fishing and First Aid to help you on your way to the Broken Shore.

Players often don’t give the Secondary professions of Cooking, First Aid and Fishing a second thought when it comes to making gold in Azeroth and beyond, but they can be powerful tools in your gold making armory. It helps to have these professions maxed out to an experience level of 700 before setting foot on Broken Shore to help you advance in the new expansion.

Demon Hunter – No Skills

If like me you’ve pre-purchased Legion, then you’ve probably been tempted to create a character of the new Demon Hunter class. After a brief – but exciting – opening scenario, your character quickly maxes out at level 100. Unfortunately, he or she has no professions, which means leveling these all from scratch.

As in Warlords, you’ll be able to start leveling your chosen Primary professions at level 1 in Legion; however, the demand for Legion material will be very high in the early days of the expansion and buying mats from the Auction House could be very expensive. So, my advice – if you have time – is to head over to Draenor and build yourself a garrison and start leveling your Primary professions there.

Cooking For Dough

For the Secondary professions, things are a little different, with Cooking being more of a problem. Unlike in Warlords which involved a World drop of the book Draenor Cooking, in Legion you revert to having to find your respective faction Cooking trainer in Dalaran. For Alliance this is Katherine Lee in the Hero’s Welcome and for Horde this is Awilo Lon’gomeba, the Filthy Animal Inn. Unfortunately, you can’t gain Legion Cooking until you reach experience level 700.

Cooking Skulker Chowder
Cooking Skulker Chowder

Fortunately, you can do this relatively quickly in Draenor. After a few quests the book Draenor Cooking should drop which expands your Cooking experience endpoint to 700. Note: you still have to reach this endpoint to pick up Legion Cooking.

The quickest way I’ve found to do this is to cook many of the fish recipes. Fish Flesh is cheap and abundant on

the Auction House and many of the recipes will award you 5 experience point up to around 600. Many other recipes will be discovered as your cooking advances, giving you more options. You’ll also find that many of the high-end cooked material sells on the Auctions House for a nice bonus.

First Aid – Blood Money

Legion First Aid
Legion First Aid

First Aid is a little different. When entering Legion, you’ll pick up a few recipes to create Silkweave bandages at level 1, but like cooking the remaining recipes require you to learn Legion First Aid at experience level 700. Also, the initial cost of Shal’dorei silk required for Legion bandages is likely to be high in the early part of expansion.


Again, the quickest way to level First Aid is in Draenor. Buy up cheap Blackwater Whiptail Flesh on the Auction House and crank out Blackwater Anti-venom to receive 5 experience points an item. You’ll quickly raise your level of First Aid for very little cost.

Fishing Raft
Fishing Raft

Fishing is one of those profession you either love or hate. I don’t mind it. The good news is that you can start fishing in Legion at level one. The generic fish type (not found in specific pools) in Legion is the Silver Mackerel. This fish is used in several early Cooking recipes and First Aid. While you don’t need a high fishing skill level in Legion, it’s handy if you wish to use Toys like the Anglers Fishing Raft for those hard to access fishing pools.



I’m happy to announce that my next upgrade to The Journal of Marcus Ty Gold Guide is out now!

Legion Gold Guide
Legion Gold Guide – Out Now!

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Making Gold in Draenor – Selling the Jawless Skulker

Journal of Marcus Ty Warlords Edition
Journal of Marcus Ty
Warlords Edition


If you follow me on Twitter (@MarcusTy) or my Facebook page, you’ll know that I’m now several weeks into my gold making in the new Warlords of Draenor expansion.  Having reached level 96 at a leisurely pace, my garrison has risen to level 2 and I’ve an assortment of garrison buildings that are turning me a nice profit. On my way to level 92, I  gained access to a garrison fishing shack and its here that I found there’s a profit to be made from one of the garrison quests.

For those of you who love to hang out around shady pools, then there’s a ton of gold to be made from fishing in Draenor. As in previous expansions, players need fish for cooking, alchemy and various quests. In Draenor, you also have the additional chore of having to ‘clean and gut’ your fish to obtain its flesh.

Now, one of the  daily quests that you can perform upon building a fishing shack in your garrison is ‘Jawless Skulker’ which requires 10 Jawless Skulker eggs to replenish the garrison pond. This fish is plentiful in the pools of Gorgrond. Depending on your fishing skill, and whether you have attached ‘Jawless Skulker Bait’, you’ll catch either small, regular or enormous types of these fish all over Gorgrond. In fact if you have the right bait, you’ll fish them up from your garrison pond!

Cleaning and gutting the fish in these numbers will yield both flesh and eggs:

20 x small Jawless Skulker
10 x Jawless Skulker
5   x Enormous Jawless Skulker

Now, if you are a fanatical fisherman, or simply like to watch your bobber – well, bob! Then head over to Gorgrond and start fishing. For us gold makers, head over to the Auction House instead and buy up cheap (below market price) stacks of Enormous Jawless Skulker. Gut and clean in stacks of 5 to obtain approx. 17 eggs(1 x 5 stack is normally not enough). You’ll also get an amount of Jawless Skulker flesh. You can now hand in your 10 eggs to complete the fishing daily. No fishing required!

Note: You’ll only get the eggs if you have obtained the quest!

If , like me, you’re thinking there’s a profit to be made in this, you’re right! I’ve been buying up cheap (below market price) enormous varieties of Draenor fish and selling them in stacks of 5 for above market price for a good profit (there are 6 daily quests of a similar type, each requiring 10 eggs). I’ve also been selling the flesh in stacks of 5 or 10 and any remaining eggs from the quests.

Jawless Skulker Flesh
Jawless Skulker Flesh

On my server the enormous variety of fish are the most profitable, compared with their smaller variety.

There’s a ton of gold to be made in the Warlords of Draenor expansion. Follow me on twitter or visit my Facebook page for more hints and tips. I’ll soon be releasing a brand new Draenor edition of my gold making guide with a free update for those players who have bought my previous editions. So watch this space.

Marcus Ty


Fishing for Gold with Ben of the Booming Voice

Ben of the Booming VoiceI’ve always said that there’s gold to be made in the secondary profession of Fishing. Love it or hate it, all players should add it to their list of gold making strategies – especially if trying to level Cooking.

If you follow this blog you’ll know that I’ve been madly leveling the Ways of Pandaren Cooking in an attempt to acquire the elusive Noodle Cart quest on the Timeless Isle. Many of the Way recipes require fish as an ingredient:


Fish Cooking Way
Emperor Salmon Steamer
Giant Mantis Shrimp Wok
Jade Lungfish Grill
Jewel Danio Steamer
Krasarang Paddlefish Oven
Redbelly Mandarin Grill
Reef Octopus Pot
Tiger Gourami Wok

Don’t Forget Your Ironpaw Tokens

When leveling the Ways of Cooking, I found myself using up my stash of Ironpaw Tokens which are needed primarily to buy items such as 100 Year Soy Sauce, Black Pepper and Rice Flour from Nam Ironpaw (Stockmaster) in Halfhill Market. I also used my tokens to buy bags of ingredients to make up the many Cooking ingredients required when leveling the Pandaren Ways.

Now, the easiest way to obtain Ironpaw tokens is to complete the quest ‘Replenishing the Pantry’ by filling grocery containers with Meats and Fish in stacks of 20 (doing this with vegetables takes too long). Nam Ironpaw will then reward you with a token and a little gold.

Note: This is true of all fish except Golden Carp which require a stack of 60 to complete a grocery container.

Fish for Groceries

Being in a bit of a hurry, I found myself running back and forth to the Auction House buying up the fish I needed for the many recipes required to level the Ways of Cooking and to complete my containers of groceries, only to find that very few fish  were listed on my server. How frustrating. So, I dusted of my rusting Big Iron fishing pole and set about the task of, well, fishing!

Now, for many, the noble art of whipping out ones trusty (or rusty) pole and waiting for your fishing bobber to, well bob, is like watching paint dry. Some find it therapeutic. It takes me a little while to get going, and then I relax into it. It turns out to be more efficient and less hectic than grinding for Meats. Not sure why more player don’t try it.

Ben of the Booming Voice

Then I remembered Ben of the Booming Voice.

Ben of the Booming Voice is a relatively new fishing trainer that hangs out beside the river that meanders past the village of Halfhill. Ben will start you on a short quest ‘No Fishing Pole Necessary’ which requires you to catch 5 Golden Carp beside the river. This takes a few minutes. Ben rewards you with 10 more Golden Carp and a little gold. If you fish for a little longer, you’ll soon have the 60 Golden Carp needed for a grocery container.

Ben will also tell you about ‘The Fish of the Day’. These are special pools teeming with fish, all of which can be used in Pandaren Cooking and to complete grocery containers for Ironpaw tokens. Ben will even mark the spot on your map!

Show Me The Money

So, how is gold to be made from all of this?

Well, one strategy is to cook the fish you catch, turning it into high buff food. These foods are greatly in demand from Raid parties and those players venturing into dungeons. Being a Mage my favorite is Chun Tian Spring Rolls, made from the Redbelly Mandarin,  that give the a ‘Well Fed’ buff of +450 Stamina. The market price for these on my server is 400g a stack.

Another strategy is to build a stash of Ironpaw tokens as described above. You can’t sell these directly, but you can use them to buy 100 Year Soy Sauce which is needed for many of the Ways of Cooking and command a market price of 80g each on my server.

Finally, you can list the fish on the Auction House. Prices vary for individual fish,  but a stack of 20 Tiger Gourami sell for 500g on my server. Not bad for a short spell of fishing!


JMT Professions Guide
JMT Professions Guide


Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast – Episode 15

Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast

Journal Podcast

Welcome to episode fifteen of the Marcus Ty series of gold making podcasts. In this episode your host, Marcus Ty, and Nev of the Blog Auction House Addict, talk about the importance of the secondary professions and some gold making tips using Cooking, Fishing and Archeology .

Marcus finds out why he can’t find the quest for the elusive noodle cart  on the Timeless Isle and Nev has trouble with her glider.

“Noodles, Noodles straight from the cart, eat too many and they’ll make you…”

This show was recorded on Saturday October 12th, 2013.

[MP3] Episode 15 – It’s a Noodle Free Zone
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Show Notes

    • Noodles, Noodles!
    • Our week in WoW
    • News from the front
    • The Endless Grind of the Timeless Isle
    • Why level the secondary professions?
    • Making Gold From Cooking and Fishing.
    • Archeology love it or hate it.
    • Markets of the week.

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

WoW Auction House Guide
The Marcus Ty Auction House Gold Secrets Guide