How To Use Trade Chat in World of Warcraft

Goblin Trader

The goblins have always known that by shouting out their wares and services increases the number of trades they will complete in a day. Walk down any goblin controlled town and you’ll hear their shouts or ‘barks’ : ‘Have I got a deal for you!’

Now, players looking to sell their wares or services in the Auction House would do well to take heed of this goblin practice and learn the art of barking on the World of Warcraft trade chat channel.

The WoW Trade Channel allows players to ‘chat’ or announce items or services of interest to other players in all of the major cities for that faction. You have probably seen examples of this ‘chat’ in your travels. It’s important to note that the Trade Channels of all the major cities for a given faction are linked. So, announcing that you WTS (Want to Sell) your ‘Personal World Destroyer’ for 300g will be seen by players in all of the major cities for your particular faction (Horde or Alliance).

Another point to note is that these messages are independent of the Auction House i.e. players do not need to be in an Auction House session to see them. This is important as it hugely increases the number of potential customers.

How to Use Trade Chat

One of the easiest ways to use trade chat is to announce those items already up for sale on the Auction House and to link those items to the Trade Chat window:

Example 1 – Announcing Your Trades

In the chat window type /2 which selects the Trade Channel.
Announce your item or trade :  In the AH Personal World Destroyer

In this example I’m simply telling other players that I’m selling this particular companion and I’ve placed it on the Action House (AH). Note how I’ve ‘linked’ the item in the chat window allowing any player interested to mouse over and see the full details. This is a powerful technique and will improve your chances of a sale.

Example 2 – Direct Selling

Sometimes, it’s more profitable to sell directly to players and bi-pass the Auction House altogether. This is commonly done by using the following bark:

Open a Trade Chat window as in the example above.
Announce your Trade: WTS Personal World Destroyer 300g W/Me.

In this example I’m announcing to players in ALL of the major faction cities (your faction) that I Want To Sell (WTS) my item direct at a price of 300g and that they should Whisper Me (W/Me) if they are interested. Remember, to complete a sale you would need to meet with your buyer and complete the transaction using the Trade window. Inexperienced players often assume you are in the Auction House in the same city as them which can lead to frustration. But hey, we were all noobs once!

Example 3 – Direct Buying

Trade Chat is also a good way to buy items cheaply by going direct to a major seller on your Auction House. If your are looking for a discount for a bulk purchase of an item you could announce that you Want to Buy (WTB): WTB 200 volatile Life 400g.

Make Em Laugh

Barking your wares is more fun and gets you more sales if you add a little humor to your chat : On the AH Personal World Destroyer – Batteries not included! Players will sometimes buy your item in preference to others simply because they found your bark amusing.

The master of trade chat well known for his humorous barks is Cold of Coldsgoldfactory. Cold is famous for his Fortune Card Guide where he explains how he made up to 35,000g in just one evening barking his Fortune Card trades.

As in real world, it pays to make people smile 🙂

Marcus Ty

Marcus Ty writes extensively on all aspects of the World of Warcraft economy and the making of gold. His latest project is Auction House Secrets – a gold making guide that explains how to trade effectively on the Auction House.