Shopping Lists in TSM2

In episode 10 of the Journal of Marcus Ty Podcast I talked about how to set up a shopping list in the new beta version of TSM2. In this post I’ll give you a brief how to guide on the new shopping features of this addon and how to transition your existing lists.

If you’re familiar with the first version of TSM then you have probably already set up a few ‘Shopping’ or ‘Dealfinding’ lists in the addon. In TSM2 the developers have changed the architecture of the addon and replaced the familiar shopping list features with ‘Shopping Operations’ and a new ‘Shopping Module’. In TSM2 the terms ‘Shopping List’, ‘Dealfinding List’ and ‘Snatch List’ essentially mean the same thing. It’s really what you use them for. In this post I’ll use just the generic term ‘Shopping List’.

Getting Started

If you haven’t yet installed  TSM2 my advice would be to ‘Export’ all of your shopping lists and paste then into some form of text editor for later use. You  should probably also follow the migration instructions over at on saving your system variables.

Basic Steps

Here’s the basic method for setting up any form of shopping list in TSM2:

  1. First create a group that best describes your list e.g. ‘Alchemy Snatch’.
  2. Populate the group with items.
  3. Create a ‘Shopping Operation’ for the group e.g. ‘Alchemy Snatch’.
  4. ‘Attach’ the shopping operation to the group.
  5. Search using the ‘TSM Group’ feature found in the ‘Shopping’ tab.

I’ll expand each of these points below.

Creating a Shopping List Group

Creating groups in TSM2 is very easy. If you need help then refer to my TSM2 overview post below. Try to give your group a meaningful name e.g. ‘Rare Patterns’ or ‘Transmog Plate’. When you first create your group it will be empty of items. Your next job is to populate the group with the items you’ll be searching  for i.e. your list.

Populate your Group

If you already have export lists for TradeSkillMaster then simple paste the list into the Import input field: Group->Import/Export->Import.

TSM2 Group Import
TSM2 Group Import

If you’re starting from scratch then type the ‘Item Id’ of the item into the import field. So, for example, if I want to add the recipe for Elixir of Dream Vision to your group, search for this item on and get the item id by using the ‘Link’ button and grabbing the ‘Markup Tag’ which in this case is [item=9297].

If you want to add multiple items to your group then simple type in each item id separated by a comma:


Create a Shopping Operation

Create a new Shopping Operation from the Operations Module:

Operations Module->Shopping. Highlight the option ‘Operations’ and enter the name of your shopping operation.

Shopping Operation
New Shopping Operation

You’ll note that the only thing that you can do with this operation is set a maximum price. In this example I’ve used the TSM2 variable AucMarket to indicate that when I search for the items in this group I’m only interested in items 25% of the Auctioneer’s Market Price. If you are using TSM2 own scan data then this would read 25% dbMarket (case insensitive).

TSM2 Shopping Parameters
TSM2 Shopping Parameters

Note: if the box ‘Show auctions above max price’ is ticked then all items will appear in the search but will be marked as x% above market price which can be useful in some instances.

Attach the Shopping Operation

Now that your shopping operation is set up you need to ‘attach’ it to your group. simple go back to your group and under the operations tab select your newly created shopping operation from the pull-down menu.

TSM2 Module Attach
Attaching a TSM2 Shopping Module


Shopping in TSM2

Now that your shopping group and operation have been set up it’s just a matter of executing the search under the tab ‘Shopping’ on the Auction House interface. If everything has been setup correctly then your ‘Shopping Group’ should be listed in the right-hand panel.

TSM2 Shopping Search
TSM2 Shopping Search


TSM2 now provides you with a very flexible way to search for items on the Auction House. By setting up Groups in TSM2 and apply Shopping Operations all manner of Shopping, Snatch and Dealfinding lists can be created. Over the coming weeks I’ll be creating new shopping lists of some of my favorite items that can grabbed from the Auction House and sold for a vast profit.

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