Transmogrification Gold Guide

Transmogrification FashionIn patch 4.3 the Ethereals brought us the new ability of Transmogrification, allowing players to change the appearance of their gear without changing the stats.  On some servers this has created a huge demand for uncommon armor sets that players use to transmogrify their existing, high stat gear to unify their overall appearance or to achieve a completely new look.

Now the goblins have a saying: ‘supplying a demand makes you gold.’

In other words there’s gold to be made in supplying affordable, desirable, transmog gear to players who crave a new look. But where to find this gear and how to price it is an art all in itself.

When I first started to look into this new gold making opportunity I struggled with shear number of items to choose from. How do you find good transmog gear to sell and how do you price it on the Auction House?

To help other players make some gold with transmogrification, I’ve written a short guide that will get folks started: Making Gold With Transmogrification.