Transmogrification gold Guide – Crimson Silk

Crimson Silk Transmog Gear
Blood Elf Mage in Robes of Evocation

My last post on transmogrification of cloth proved popular. So much so that it seemed that the Pig & Whistle filled up with players in alluring cloth gear. I thought my other Mage had achieved a decent look, but one player caught my eye with a plunging bodice of a chest piece that was both stylish and elegant. Even Stephen Ryback (npc cooking trainer) thought she looked in good elf!

A first glance or two you may think that this look would be difficult to achieve, but the transmog is deceptively simple and probably cost the player next to nothing with the bulk of the look made up of items of Crimson Silk. But the center piece of the look is the bodice (chest) which is in fact transmogrified into Robe of Evocation. Clearly, a look worthy of a Blood Elf.

For those that want to achieve the same look, here are the main pieces of the set:

  • Boots transmogrified to Silk Iceshard Boots
  • Legs transmogrified to Buccaneer’s Pants
  • Chest transmogrified to Robe of Evocation
  • Head transmogrified to Circle of Flame
  • Shoulder transmogrified to Crimson Silk Shoulders
  • Hands transmogrified to Crimson Silk Gloves
  • Belt transmogrified to Crimson Silk Belt
  • Back Nanoprecise Cape (unchanged)

Obtaining the Main Transmog Look

As I mentioned above, most of the pieces are easily obtain via Tailoring patterns of Crimson Silk items. The center piece – Robe of Evocation – is a low level drop from Ragefire Chasm and should be easy to obtain.

A Blood Elf in Stormwind!

Now, it’s not often that a Blood Elf is bold enough to stroll into the Pig and Whistle, even looking this good. So it wasn’t long before the fireballs started to kindle and swords were unsheathed. But then little did we know that beneath all that transmogrification lurked a level 85 kitted out in mostly heroic gear that would make even Stephen Ryback run back to the kitchens.

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