Garrisons and Followers – the Future of Goldmaking

The professions are the powerhouse of the wow gold economy, which is why many gold makers try to level an army of alts, each with a set of maxed-out professions. This way, they can exploit all the cool-downs in the game and shuffle material from one alt to another. Now with the pending release of the new expansion – Warlords of Draenor – this may well change in favor of developing Garrisons and an army of Followers.

Warlords Garrison
Garrison Building Screen Warlords of Draenor

Established gold makers often try to level several alts so that they can level multiple professions – more than the two professions allowed on any given character. Some gold makers like to have two alchemist or two leather workers, for example, so that they can exploit the daily cool-downs for that particular profession; other makers of gold like to level complimentary professions (my preference) to exploit what some in the gold making community call the ‘shuffle’.

The Shuffle is an established gold making techniques where players move material from one alt to another adding value to the material by crafting or transformation. So, for example, you might buy cheap Ghost Iron Ore from the Auction House and send this to your Miner (assuming your Banker isn’t a Miner). Your Miner converts this to more valuable Ghost Iron Bars; these are passed to your Alchemist who transmutes them to more valuable Trillium Bars and maybe converts them one stage further to Living Steel if the price makes sense to do so.

There are many different gold making shuffles, but the point is you need to max-out multiple complimentary professions, which normally means leveling an alt to at least level 85. This will raise to level 95 in the Warlords of Draenor expansion when the level cap is raised to 100.
Now, with the arrival of Garrisons and Followers, this might change. In Warlords of Draenor, players will be able to expand their structures to include:


Structure Profession
Alchemy Laboratory Alchemy
Blacksmithing Foundry Blacksmithing
Enchanting Tent Enchanting
Jewelcrafting Shack Jewelcrafting
Leatherworking Shop Leatherworking
Tailoring Tent Tailoring
Salvage Yard Engineering


So far, there is very little detail on the format of these professions, whether they will follow the exact nature of regular profession, but various blue posts and press releases indicate that they may do so.

“When it comes time to upgrade your Garrison, you might choose to build a Barracks to send more followers on missions simultaneously, an Inn to provide new recruits, or an Infirmary to speed up injured followers’ recovery time between assignments. You may instead decide to build a Smithy and recruit a Blacksmith to research new plans and craft valuable resources (such as those with daily cooldowns).”

Warlords of Darenor
Garrison Mission Screen

If you listen to Episode 17 of the JMT Podcast you’ll hear Nev and I discuss whether ‘cooldowns’ would be a feature of the crafting in Garrisons. My take is that it will which begs the question:

Do future gold makers need an army of alts or do they build a Garrison?’

For me a Garrison has many advantages over an army of alts. For one thing I’ll be able to recruit Followers who can be set tasks (missions) to gather Ore or maybe – as Nev and I speculated in the podcast – prospect Ore in the Jewelcrafting Shack. Now that would be a great time saver. I’m not sure if this is what Blizzard intended but then they probably never guessed a Mage of Stormwind accumulating several Million in gold either.

I’ll be writing updates of this review as the features and functions of the new expansion arise. If you want to be updated with the latest news and posts then subscribe to Journal Mailing List below.