Making Warcraft Gold During Feast of Winter Veil

Gingerbread-cookieIt was the eve before Winter Veil and all along the shore, players were grinding for small eggs and lots more. Yes, it’s the Feast of Winter Veil in Azeroth which means Egg Nog, Preserved Holly and Winter Garb . It also means there’s gold to made during this time of festive merriment.

I love this holiday in Azeroth – a time of Grandfather Winter, The Abominable Greench and stolen reindeer. Of course, as a maker of gold, it’s also a time to do some serious trading and to make some gold selling all those things that players are looking for during this festive time of merriment and questing.

The Feast of Winter Veil provides a good example of how the supply and demand of items are affected by seasonal activities occurring throughout the year in Azeroth. During these times, many players head for the Auction House and buy up the itemsĀ  they need to complete many of the seasonal quests and achievements. If you time it right you can anticipate this demand and snatch cheap mats from the Auction House to flip for a great profit or – if you’re in your early levels and in need of a little seed capital – grind a short while for easy to gather items.

Now many new gold makers make the mistake of thinking that because an item is easy to gather, other players will be unwilling to splash the cash. This is far from true. Just think about your own buying habits. How many of you have paid extra to have an item gift wrapped in a department store? As the goblins say: “Time is money, Friend”.

So what are the gold making strategies for the Feast of Winter Veil? Well, buying cheap mats from the Auction House before the holiday and then flipping the items for a profit during the holiday at peak demand works every time. As I’ve said in many posts over the years: “The Auction House is the quickest way to make gold in World of Warcraft”


Item Use
Small Eggs Gingerbread Cookies, Egg Nog
Bolt of Woolen Cloth (4) Winter Clothes
Bolt of Runecloth (4) Winter Clothes
Rugged Leather (4) Winter Boots
Copper Bar Winter Boots
Deeprock Salt Preserved Holly


Small Eggs are very easy to grind as many flying mobs at level 7-11 will drop them. For the Alliance, my favorite place is the Longshore, Westfall where Greater Fleshripper can be found beside the decomposing corpse of a great fish. They spawn at an incredible rate and nearly always drop Small Eggs. For the Horde, try the Crazed Dragonhawk of Eversong Woods. I normally grind for 15-20mins and always come away with 3-4 stacks of eggs which sell for a great profit.

This is also a great time for the Tailors. Pick up the patterns for Winter Clothes from the Smokeywood vendors, on sale during the holiday if you don’t have already these. Of course, if you’re not a tailor then hopefully you have snatched cheap Wool and Runecloth to resellĀ at an exorbitant price! If you’re a Tailor make sure you turn your Cloth into bolts as it will sell much better.

The same strategy applies to Leatherworkers. Crank out those Winter Boots! If not a Leatherworker then snatch cheap Rugged Leather and resell above market price for a good profit.

Deeprock salt is needed for the quest The Hero of the Day to make Preserved Holly. Try grinding the Vault Warder of Uldarman which have good drops of this item.

Happy Holidays!



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