Making Gold in Patch 5.3 – Escalation

Latest Warcraft patch 5.3 – Escalation is finally upon us, but little has changed with the wow gold economy for us goblins of the Auction House to worry about. Perhaps the biggest change is to the gathering professions of Mining and Herbalism, which may affect supplies of Old World mats and hence Old World markets. In this post I’ll give you my two cents worth of speculation and some general hints on exploiting these markets.

Mining and Herbalism Changes

Players may forgo leveling in in Classic expansions in favor of leveling their profession in Panderia.  This may reduce the supply of classic mats to the Auction House and force up the price of some classic recipes. Conversely, we may see the supply of Pandaren herbs increase slightly from those players leveling these professions.

For low level players wanting to earn some easy wow gold this might be an opportunity if they are prepared to trade some of their time for gathering in classic zones. For more advanced players, it would be wise to periodically scan the Auction House for classic herbs and ore for the crafting of those recipes still in demand.

My recommendations are:

  1. Arcanite Bars
  2. Bronze Bars
  3. Invisibility Potion
  4. Elixir of Dream Vision

Leveling Reduction Time

The number of XPs required to level from 85 to 90 has been reduced by 33% in patch 5.3. This will encourage many players to dust off their alts and start leveling, increasing demand for many crafted items and enhancements for entry level 85 alts. As of writing I’ve seen sharp increases in demand for level entry 85 necks and rings and for a variety of Lvl 85 Enchantments as players look to increase the spec of many alts. I’ve also seen a small spike in demand for level 77-80 greens on my server and level 83-84 MoP Greens.

PvP Gear Changes

The Resilience stat has been removed from nearly all PvP items in an attempt by Blizzard to narrow the gap between PvE and PvP gear. However, players will still be able to use Resilience gems and Enchants. I expect to see demand rise for these crafted items.

My recommendations are:

Gem Cuts

Necks and Rings


Happy hunting in the new patch.