TradeSkillMaster 2 Crafting Tip

I’m loving the new TradeSkillMaster 2 and constantly finding new ways to use this versatile addon. In this post I thought I would share a quick TSM2 crafting tip that I spoke about on the JMT Podcast Episode 12. This example also illustrates some of the complexities behind the pricing models that TSM uses under the hood.

The final release of TSM2 has been out for a little while now and I’m happily using the new crafting module of the addon. If you have installed this module you’ll know that it changes the default interface of your professions panel to look like the example in fig.1:

Crafting Panel Fig.1
TSM2 Crafting Panel Fig.1

The example I’m using here is for Alchemy and you’ll notice the TSM2 presents you with the Crafting Cost of the item highlighted in the Professions panel – Living Steel in the above example.

Now, it would be nice to know the what the market value of the item is that you’re currently crafting. By clicking on the column label ‘Crafting Cost’, gives you the ‘Item Value’ as in  fig.2:

TSM2 Crafting Panel fig.2
TSM2 Crafting Panel fig.2


Now, where did this value come from? Well, TSM takes the ‘Item Value’ to be the pricing variable set under:

Operations->Crafting->Options->Default Price Settings->Default Craft Price Method

In my configuration I’m using the TSM variable AucMarket – which is Auctioneer’s market value which is in fact 434g 85s 4c; you may well be using the default variable dbMarket.

If, like me you’re lazy and can’t do the math in your head, then clicking the column label ‘Item Value’ gives you the profit as in fig.3 below:

TSM2 Crafting Panel fig.3
TSM2 Crafting Panel fig.3

Now hang on a minute. If my Crafting Cost is 240g and my Market Price is 434g 85s 4c where did the value of 173g 10s 79c come from? My quick math makes a profit of approx 194g 85s! Has TSM got it sums wrong?

Well no, not exactly. I’ve configured a profit reduction of 5%:

Operations->Crafting->Options->General Settings->Profit Reduction

This takes 5% off the ‘Item Value‘ to give 413g 10s 79c.  Subtracting the ‘Crafting Cost‘ gets us to a profit of 173g 10s 79c.

So there you have it. A quick tip on the item values in the crafting queue and what goes on under on the hood of TSM2.