What Drives a Gold Maker?

Marcus TyI’ve made so much gold in World of Warcraft – several million over many alts – that I don’t really keep track of it anymore. With so much gold in my collective bags I’m often asked by other players what drives me to keep making more?

As part of this months Blogging Carnival hosted by Selltacular at Copper to Gold I’ve tried to answer the question:

What keeps driving you to make gold?  What do you do to avoid getting burnt out?

I’ve always loved making gold – both in the real world and in Azeroth. In the real world I used to work for an organization that traded in physical gold bullion. I built computer systems that tracked and managed the yellow shiny metal. I guess it was the TradeSkillMaster of its day! So it was natural that when I first started playing World of Warcraft that I should be drawn to the virtual gold economy of the game.

Now talk to any gold maker and he or she will tell you that no matter how many millions of virtual gold one has, there’s always the need to make more! But it helps to have a challenge in the game and when I first started down the road of serious gold making my primary goal was to make enough gold to buy my first epic mount. Those amounts of gold now seem ludicrously small, but having an end-game in sight helped to keep me focused.

So now I have several million gold I ask myself what is the next goal? For me it’s not about the amount of gold I’ve amassed but the continued exploration of the wow gold economy. I can honestly say that I’ve not come close to exploring all the possible markets that exist on the Auction House and I’m always learning new tools and techniques to make gold efficiently. For me, its the continued refinement of my gold making techniques that drives me to make gold.

But it’s easy to get burnt out. You need to balance the making of gold with the rest of your game-play. This is true in the real world as it is in Azeroth.  My advice to new players just starting out on their quest to their first million gold is to strive for a balance in your game-play. Sure, set gold making goals – but not to the exclusion of all else in the game.

For me, it’s time I set some new goals – perhaps I’ll level a new character on a new Realm. I’ve always said that I should level a Horde character all the way through to level 90 and make as much gold as I can in the process. Now there’s a challenge!

Here’s wishing you more gold in ya bags!

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