Gold Making Strategies – Arcanite Bars

I’ve tweeted (#AuctionHouseSecrets) recently of my success at selling Arcanite Bars on my server for a good profit and thought I’d take some time to write a short post, exploring the rational behind this gold making strategy.

Arcanite BarsAt first blush it might seem that selling this Old World metal wouldn’t be very profitable, but you have to look at the underlying market to understand why you can still turn a very profitable buck with this item.

Part of the success of this market is that the metal is still relatively in demand. It’s currently used in forty nine crafting recipes – mainly Blacksmithing and Engineering, but there’s a small number of uses in Jewelcrafting and Tailoring. If you have read my 5 Goblin Principles of Auction House Trading, you will appreciate that demand for an item plays a key role in the success of  any trading strategy.

Another reason this trading strategy works is the scarcity of the metal. If you are a Blacksmith you will have probably been frustrated by the fact that you can’t smelt Arcanite. It can only be made by Transmutation, which in turn means the Auction House supply is determined by the Alchemists on your server. On mature servers, most Alchemists are competing head-to-head with other Alchemists in the Living Steel market where competition is very cut-throat and not as profitable.

The combination of scarcity and demand of Arcanite means that the price of the metal stays relatively constant. On my server, I tend to set the price and control this little known market (I’m sure not for long)! Take a look on TUJ and you will see that over a six month period, the price rarely moves below 100g on most EU servers. I price my Arcanite at or a little above market price.

Even at market price, the profit in Arcanite can be substantial, depending on how you source the base material. Arcanite is very simple to make, it just requires one Arcane Crystal and one bar of Thorium. I nearly always buy my material from the Auction House, but pay no more than 10g per crystal and 2g per Thorium bar. Now that’s a great profit.

In summary

The selling of Arcanite bars on the Auction House illustrates some of the common trading strategies I use to make gold in WoW. By understanding what’s in demand on your server and setting a fair market price, you’ll always turn a good profit quickly and efficiently.

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