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You have chanced upon the WoW Gold Guide and Blog of Marcus Ty, Alliance Mage of Stormwind and now Conjurer to the Tirisgarde. In this blog you will find the latest incarnation of my writing on the newest edition of World of Warcraft and the art and craft of making gold.

The new Legion expansion 7.3 is upon us and gold making markets abound throughout the Broken Isles. I’ve been working hard over the last few months to learn the secrets of  Legion gold making and to record them faithfully in my Journal.

If you’re a new recruit to Warcraft and heading straight to Legion then listen to the JMT Podcast episodes 50 onwards for hints and tips for making gold in Legion.

If you are a seasoned campaigner, then read the full article on how to make gold with transmog and my articles on preparing for Legion.

My new Legion Journal of Marcus Ty Gold Making Guide is now live with special offers for those subscribers to my blog. So, sign-up today, grab a copy and put more gold in ya bags!


Legion Gold Guide

Legion Gold Guide – Live!

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