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If you’re a keen Warcraft fisherman and want to level your Fishing skill fast, then seek to complete the Legion achievement “Bigger Fish To Fry” which requires you to catch all of the 18 rare fish in Legion. This achievement is also a prerequisite for the quest for the ‘Undermine Angler’. In the process you’ll also catch many common types of fish which sell well on the Auction House or can be used in many of the Legion cooking recipes.
But before starting on your quest, you’ll need a little preparation. So let’s get started!

I’ve decided that 2017 is the year I aim for the “Underlight Angler” artifact. One of the prerequisites for this quest is to complete the achievement “Bigger Fish To Fry” which requires that you catch each of the 18 rare fish in Legion. It’s also a great way to level your fishing to Legion Fisherman (lvl 800), fast.


Margoss’s Retreat

Before starting on this achievement, you’ll need to do a little preparation. This requires a visit to the small floating island beside Dalaran called Margoss’s Retreat and obtaining Arcane Lures from Conjurer Margoss. If you have yet to visit Margoss in his retreat then you’re in for some fun getting down there. You’ll need some form of “Slow Fall” or Engineering device like the Goblin Glider. You can find these gliders on the Auction House if you’re not an Engineer.


Hint: Engineers – it’s a good time to start crafting Goblin Gliders to sell on the Auction House!


Once at the Retreat, you’ll have to fish-up “Drowned Mana” from the pool and exchange them for Lures from Margoss. The whole process doesn’t take long and you’ll soon have 10-20 lures in no time.


Hint: Excess lures can be sold on the Auction House for much gold!

Rare Legion Fish

There are 18 rare fish in Legion – 3 from each zone, plus 3 from coastal waters (refer to the table below). All fish in Legion can be caught with a fishing skill starting at 1, so this is a good way to power-up your fishing skill.


Hint: Fish from pools, not open water for this to work.

By using the Arcane Lure buff, you’ll attract a variety of fish bait or NPC’s, which in turn can be used to attract a rare fish. Each rare fish – when thrown back gives you +5 increase in fishing skill. It’s possible to catch the same rare fish multiple times, in which case you simply throw it back for a further +5 increase in fishing skill. Some NPC’s like the “Sleeping Murloc” will drop numerous “Surpine Puffer Fish”, each of which can be thrown back for a +5 increase in fishing skill. Carry on in this fashion and you’ll soon max-out your fishing skill. Unfortunately, all of the rare fish caught are bind on pickup and soulbound, so can’t be traded or passed to an alt; however, the bait is not!


Hint: Keep excess bait to sell on the Auction House. The Sleeping Murloc mentioned above is currently selling for 2135g per item, according to the TUJ.


Fishy Achievements

Catching one of the rare fish listed in the table below will grant you the achievement “A Cast Above The Rest“. Catching all of the rare fish will give you the achievement “Bigger Fish To Fry“.


The Underlight Angler

By the time you have the achievement Bigger Fish To Fry, you should be at or close to a fishing level of 800. If you keep on fishing, you’ll have a chance to collect “Luminous Pearl” which then starts you on the quest for the Underlight Angler!


Legion Rare Fish Location

Rare Fish Location
Leyshimmer Blenny Azuna
Nar’thalas Hermit
Ghostly Queenfish
Ancient Mossgill Val’sharah
Thorned Flounder
Ancient Highmountain Salmon Highmountain
Mountain Puffer
Coldriver Carp
Magic-Eater Frog Suramar
Tainted Runescale Koi
Seerspine Puffer
 Thundering Stormray Stormheim
Graybelly Lobster
Ancient Black Barracuda Coastal Waters
Seabottom Squid

Fishing is great fun in Legion – especially now you can obtain the fishing artifact Underlight Angler. Completing the achievement Bigger Fish To Fry is a prerequisite for this quest, but it is also a great way to level your fishing, all the way to Legion Fisherman (lvl 800). There’s is also some great gold making opportunities on the way to this achievement from selling excess Arcane Lures and Rare Fish Bait, to Goblin Gliders. You’ll find yourself ‘swimming’ in Legion fish to either sell on the Auction House of to use in many of the Legion Cooking recipes.

Good Fishing!


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